Perpetual sound (turbo mode: activated)

Order up: Plate of stupid, plain editing served with a side of nostalgiAa! They were the good old days man 🙁 I needed a break from a video I’m working on {with a certain someone} *cue curiosity*. All old clips until 50 seconds then the rest are from the past couple of days. 🙂

5 Responses to Perpetual sound (turbo mode: activated)

  1. Snazzy Yazzie

    ahah love this! Love the songs you choose too!

  2. Pegaz Gallop

    and you said you don't have inspiration? I LOVE IT! IT'S PERFECT(like evry other video that is made by you-.-) love it.

  3. unbixomuraro

    Hello, Dana!
    I loved your new video.
    I'm glad to see all goes well:
    May it ever be so. A kiss.

  4. patch24681

    haha this is great

  5. Pumpkin Piee

    haha love it ^^

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