Perpetual motion water wheel

Further footage of my garden ‘ornament’!

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  1. Vicious Circle

    When will some of you dullards get it through your head that there is no such thing as "perpetual motion" or "free energy"….

  2. Jmpsthrufyre

    So it's been 9 years. Is it still turning?

  3. Space Cowboy

    Whats the liquid solution? If it's water why did you add blue dye?

  4. Gordon Fiala

    that si essentially the idea of how I did it too. I used a turbine…

  5. jmowreader

    You're never going to get perpetual motion, BUT…try this: instead of using that little cup on the small wheel to bring water back up, use it to drive a water pump. If you prime all the lines by spinning the big wheel by hand before you start flowing water over the spoons, and you use a big water container, you should be able to get a couple hours' enjoyment out of it before you have to put water back in the top container.

  6. Mergrew 01

    Perpetual, is only a relative term.

  7. Michael O'Leary

    put pump on water to top put generater on wheel power to the pump free power lol

  8. Lilac Lizard

    um this was one of the first mechanical devices used in the Industrial age! Instead of pouring water into a container, they put the wheel in a flowing river & the water turned them, EXACTLY the same as this one! They used them to mill flour, to cut timber etc. Today we still use this same systems, but via dams & it's called "hydro-power"

  9. SynS7ven

    Nice build. False title. No need to sensationalize it. Be honest about what it really is, discuss deficiencies, discuss improvements etc… The discussion is fascinating enough without the pipe dream.

  10. Michael Johnson

    This is AMAZING!! I would love to try to build one.. where would I start?

  11. georgianbents

    If you modified the water wheel so the arms would flop down and in, toward the circumference of the wheel, it would increase the efficiency and power generation of the water wheel part and you could then increase the pump output with a smaller pump sprocket or a larger drive sprocket. Did you also consider using more than 1 spiral pump to increase pump flow to the top tank?

  12. M'sheArt2

    Comments are saying there's no such things as perpetual motion imo that's not true,
    The ocean is in perpetual motion, the sun is, a healthy human is.
    Some watches and clocks work with perpetual motion with the small contribution an occasional winding and this with your contribution of a little water.

  13. haroldtplopps

    in this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics

  14. MajRatbag

    all you nay sayers are just repeating what someone has told you, that it cant be done, its impossible……you dont actually KNOW that, you just believe it. How many of you have experimented? some very smart people have invented things previously thought to be impossible, isnt it possible someone smarter than you will come up with something you havent thought of? open your minds.

  15. ben lawton

    I though I knew what a retard was It's clearly fake less water is getting back up, and wow you made a human power wheel not like we eat or anything.

  16. Todd Shepard

    I just had to chime in..I think everyone really needs to evaluate this for what it is..A great device for off grid living. I think I'm convinced there is no such thing YET as perpetual motion however laws were meant to be broken.

    You should be able to take out the water paddle and replace it with a small generator. Reverse the cogs so the small one is on the generator shaft to produce more torque. Use a ram pump or whatever water source you have to maintain the water level in the reservoir. As long as the reservoir is large enough and you maintain the level in the reservoir, there should be no reason you couldn't use this to provide a trickle charge to batteries. Hell you could use the Herod method to continually maintain the level and just add water as needed to account for evaporation.

    This really needs to be in the off grid living circles. Maybe I'll design a system and crowd fund it and market it to off grid people like myself.

  17. TheHGCGamersClub

    Every video I see with this set up is STUPID! This only runs for a short time then quits because you are not getting enough water at the top HELLO! Have any of you tried using more than 1 water scoop try using 6,8 or even 10 open scoops for a more even and consistent water pump make the pump wheel bigger and perhaps you will get to where you're trying to go.

  18. tesca 23

    Credo, no sono certo ch'è un falso, l'acqua che schende e fa girare la ruota è costante mentre quella che risale e intermitente, ha riempito l'invvaso superiore con il tubo, piano piano si svuoterà perche quella che risale risulta inferione a quella in uscita, faccio un esempio semplice, riempiendo un recipiente con 20 litri d'acqua aprendo un rubbinetto piccolo non si svota immediatamente ma ci metterà un determitato tempo in base alla portata aggiungento qualche secondo per la quantità d'acqua che fa risalire tutto qua ninete di nuovo, fai vedere il video completo quando riempi, il livello dell'acqua che ragiunge e mandieni la telecamere fissa sul livello mentre funziona, poi non capisco perche hai chisuo tutta la superfice dell'ivvaso superiore lasciando un piccolo foro per far entra l'acqua in risalita? Mi fa sospettare che è fatto apposta per non var vedere che il livello scende costantemente fino a svutarsi video fatto molto male, sei stato sgamato, ciao

  19. Neelesh gour

    Energy neighter be created nor be destroyed it propagated one form to another form…

    So perpetual is not possible

  20. Sidnei Seronato

    Perpetual motion while the asshole gets filling the reservoir high ?? kkkkkk … I'm past … kkkkk … video asshole !!!

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