perpetual motion machine

water driven wheel which when rotating drives a spiral hose water pump which lifts water to a header tank which feeds the water back to the wheel. SEE FURTHER VIDEO

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  1. simon4043

    I believe it works on the "bubble pump" principle. The smaller wheel takes a gulp of water, then air. When it enters the vertical pipe, the rising bolus of air forces the water plug higher than it would normally go, into the top reservoir. Coffee percolators work on the same principle, as do kerosine (paraffin) refrigerators.

  2. BugNuggets

    If you can't see at least three HUGE losses of energy in this system you're completely unqualified to comment perpetual motion.  That water wheel pump would have to be 400% efficient (the best ones are around 50%) for this thing to work as shown without an electric pump, which I guarantee you it has.

  3. lifelinebiblestudies

    This is kept moving by wind blowing the top buckets. Awesome design, though! It could definitely be used to produce some electricity. Actual perpetual motion machines only last long if there is stored energy being drawn from magnets, springs, or elastic bands. When those energy suppliers wear down, the system will stop moving. Using a memory metal such as Nitinol seems to be the only well-studied exception, since the springing back motion of the metal intensifies–rather than diminishes–over thousands of repetitions. The V Gate Magnet Motor seems to run indefinitely as does the Spring-Loaded Cross Wheel. Also, a steel ball within a wheel being drawn toward a magnet just outside of it seems to turn the wheel indefinitely (until the magnet eventually wears out, of course). A man also found success using an electric water pump to spray the same cycling water downward to turn a paddle wheel that was connected to an electric generator with added capacitors and new bearings. The added energy in that system came from earth's gravity adding force to the spraying water. In all four of these systems described, gravity's limitless energy is being harnessed through the stored energy in the magnets or springs to continuously overcome friction within the system. No laws are being broken since energy is being supplied by two sources in each system. Oh, yeah: God's Son Yahoshua is Lord forever and will return one day to make himself King of the earth. ~Jereme

  4. giurgiu ionel

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  5. Koba4329

    ahh i see how it works. it would eventually just stop, cause theres a lot more water coming out then going in, he just filled the sink to the top first and let it roll. not a PMM

  6. Be Good

    water out > water in. Perpetual motion? No, for sure.

  7. baryman antonyo

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  8. ninjracer1

    i do not see the water refilling the sink therefore i do not believe it works. we only see one side of the machine – water falling side

  9. fred san


    Congratulations for the perpetual motion machine
    she is beautiful.

    We would like to reproduce,
    can you give us the exact dimensions
    (two wheels, size excavators and bucket, 2 gears, 2 pipes, faucet, hight of the tank).

    I made a topic referencing two patents to make it a little, if you're interested:
    facebook com/groups/EnergiePREL/
    (" Turbine auto entretenue -Turbinium turbinator ").

    Thank's you very much.

  10. jhanthony2

    Oh man! I am getting so ripped off. I came up with this idea when I was in 7th grade. I should have patented it then.

  11. BugNuggets

    My Honda Accord is closer to being a Formula 1 contender than this thing is to being a PMM. I can easily see at least a half dozen HUGE energy losses.

  12. BugNuggets

    Get one to Stockholm! Collect your millions!

  13. haffus77

    they exist , they work , you know NOTHING !

  14. haffus77

    just hit replay and the machine continues 😉

  15. Lude Crestfallen

    Brawww, party pooper. What with your facts & context,goddamn. apologies, cousin mammal. live long. prosper.

  16. coasterpro

    EntinludeX, I encourage you to read the CONTEXT of the post to which you just replied. I do not, in fact, believe that "God" wanted the Earth/Moon system to work the way it does. Nor do I believe "our Lord Jesus Christ" made the world work in the way phycistist describe. I am an atheist; I am an ardent Anti-Theist in fact!!!! I was making fun of the fact that the theist before me denied demonstrable explanation of how the universe really works in favor of a biblical explanation. >LTR<

  17. Lude Crestfallen

    By that logic god invented cariron feeding vulturs & maggots w/ the dead & dying people of the world in mind. My how the lord is merciful & thoughtful, otherwise we'd be up to our chins in rotting bloated human corpses!

    May wonders never cease.

  18. StrumstickJoe

    It stopped at 2.15!!!!
    You can't fool me!

  19. TacomaPaul

    The problem with perpetual motion "machines" is that you could never harness enough energy from them to make it worthwhile to build them. (If they existed).

  20. TheResidentSkeptic

    Wait, how can we infer that this is how God wanted things if God's existence hasn't yet been established?

    It's like when Homeopaths publish papers explaining *how* homeopathy works when they haven't established *that* it works.

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