Perpetual Motion Drill

Key Concept: Full shift to frontside while staying balanced. Catch your weight and then shift completely to the back foot. Promotes keeping your axis of rotation (your spine) vertical and stacked well over your knee. Issues to watch for during the drill: let your head stay with your shoulders, keep your feet closed (don’t go horse stanced), pull your off arm in tight to your body and keep your chin up.

4 Responses to Perpetual Motion Drill

  1. chaldokid501

    The only thing I notice is that in a normal throw as the disc is passing your chest and your hand moves to the front of the disc (towards target) your front foot opens and you follow through. Here you're just putting a lot of torque on the knee not letting the front foot open.

  2. AmsterdamHeavy

    good way to see everything stacking up over the lead knee like you mention in the description

  3. Sleepy Alligator

    Nice drill!

  4. Brod_rick

    I like it I'm going to try it today

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