Perpetual motion dog

Dobby at the vet chasing his leash 🙂

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16 Responses to Perpetual motion dog

  1. SivSeran

    So, who is easier to entertain, the Dog or the Human watching the Dog 🙂

  2. thepredatorwinner

    Cats are even dumber,dont care if owner is away and cannot protect you.

  3. Gabriel Cardoso

    huehueheue, mas que fofura 😀

  4. AppleSauceSpain

    Maquina de movimiento Perropetuo xDDD

  5. ExcessCongruence

    cats don't wear leashes

    cats > dogs

  6. chtimewarp


  7. bradkrit

    That is going to be an easy dog to take care of.

  8. Allen Simpson

    Story of my life.

  9. Carlos Antonio

    The legend says he still chasing the strange black thing

  10. Brainwaves1987

    First i thought "holy crap people got nothing else to do with their lives recording this stuff" but after few little seconds… im sorry cause its very cuuuuuuuute 🙂

  11. MaxCrew

    You should make electricity out of it

  12. bilboloko100

    Think…. that scene can be applied in human lives, like a metaphor too… just think

  13. Conrado Capucci

    i could watch this for the whole day!

  14. Douglas de Souza

    Animal é muito burro mesmo! kkkkkkk

  15. BigChrisMusic

    I want a 10 hours version of this.

  16. Van Vuuren Bros

    Was he at the vet for any kind of dain bramage?

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