perpetual motion bulldog can’t be stopped

From the Simple Minds, Simple Pleasures Department, this cute bulldog could solve the world energy crisis if only we could find a way to harness his power.

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20 Responses to perpetual motion bulldog can’t be stopped

  1. Umbraeku

    Um… please don't tell me the other ball is in the dog..

  2. Jonathan McClellan

    I think this happens to everyone.. Maybe that's why people do it to others.

  3. rmsolympic1

    It's definitely good exercise.

  4. arminiansaro

    Like if Redeye brought you here

  5. hakunamatata1327

    OMG best way to walk the dog!!

  6. murphy13295

    That is hysterical.

  7. Tim R

    This is how Conan the Barbarian began.

  8. licar50

    Excelente! Y al perrito no le viene mal porque está algo excedido!!

  9. Warren Williams

    good, that dog needs exercise

  10. TheDogRealityZone

    I really enjoyed checking out your video – you gotta stop or I’m gonna be glued to YouTube forever.

  11. Max Eisenhardt

    Some say he's still there till this very day, and that he has warn down the ground into a deep dohnut shaped ditch

  12. Henry LionHeart

    who pranks dogs, shame on you

  13. 自在修行人

    鬥牛犬 真的好可愛

  14. tan thai

    LOL…good way to get exercise…

  15. MrBrossett22

    show of hands who do you think the dog is winning.

  16. Niskov

    Now put coil around it, attach the dog with a magnet and voila! you got some dc

  17. uuxialu

    Poor dog xD

  18. Builders Bench

    who evers doing that to that dog SHAME ON THEM

  19. saturdary

    the world's hamsters will soon be unemployed 🙁

  20. Rob Fow

    I hope he crapped on the floor after that

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