Perpetual Motion – Bhaskara’s Wheel – Free Energy


This is my home made perpetual motion machine. It started as a science fair project on renewable energy (powered by gravity). It is based on Bhaskara’s wheel design which is a type of overbalanced wheel… very similar to several designs by Leonardo Da Vinci. I plan to add a small generator to it to generate electricity – free energy!
My overbalanced wheel is a homemade perpetual motion machine that I intend on turning into a generator in order to produce free energy by taking advantage of the earth’s gravity. It is based off of an overbalanced wheel model designed by Bhaskara (an Indian mathematician). There are many other designed made by people such as; Leonardo da Vinci, Brownian, Gedanken, Honnecourt, Taccola, Zimara, and Villard. This machine may also be known as a; water mill, Persian water wheel, Villard’s wheel, Brownian ratchet, mass leverage machine, gravity wheel, Bhaskara’s wheel, or even a magic wheel.
Below are links to my other perpetual motion machine videos.
HD and long run video:
Original video:
See how I made my wheel:
5 minute run time:
7 Hour Videos:
Beach –
Thunderstorm –
Fire by the River –
Sleigh Bells –
Fireplace –
Lake Sounds:
Go Cubs Go!
Thats Nuts!!:
Freeze the Balls off of a Brass Monkey:
Bite The Bullet:

19 Responses to Perpetual Motion – Bhaskara’s Wheel – Free Energy

  1. Nathan Budzinski

    for everyone trying to debunk this machine it does work. it moves perpetually in a sense. but sooner or later the bearings will wear out and the friction will cause it to stop so that's why it's not truly perpetual but you could keep this running for a very long time essentially creating a large amount of free energy if this was built on a larger scale

  2. Conan the Barbarian

    C'mon don't bullshit me.

  3. Jennings Campbell

    People have been trying to make perpetual motion machines for centuries, they dont work people, dont waste your time trying to build something like this.

  4. O B D Ant

    Would look more impressive if fully covered with glass case to avoid outside influence

  5. Timothy Cole

    very interesting …could the wheel instead of metal bearings use use magnets to make 0 friction?

  6. Michael Bauer

    He’s running it in loop
    watch closely , you can see it

  7. A Dominguez

    Well it’s been proven this can’t happen. But either way I don’t see how the energy it produces going down caused by the initial weight shift from 2 bottles is enough to move the water on 4 bottles. Once the water moves it’s mass from the top which starts at 11 o’clock it reaches the over side of the bottle on the 9 o’clock, that inertia from the weight shift is not enough to move the weight of the bottles at the 6-5-4-3-2-1 o’clock up and around. It’s impossible.

  8. Shocks

    Ok I’m eight years old and I understand this. It’s because the bottle are like 12 inches tall so that liquid inside must be cold Bcuz it’s black. And the orange ring was colored with spray paint so that adds up and the bottles move becuz of the liquids. Thank you for reading how this works. It’s is simple math.

  9. Coffee's Hangar

    Fraud. It probably has a small pulse motor built into the hub. Probably powered by a watch battery. You can see it pulse and slow, pulse and slow every three seconds or so. If there were actual acceleration able to defeat friction there would be no pulse and it would increase in speed. Nice trick.

  10. Scrub Killer

    It breaks the laws of therm dynamics won't work

  11. ponkkaa

    In the words of my very highly esteemed College physics teacher…BUUUUULLLLSHIIIIIIIIIT!!


    I studied physics and it is impossible to build a perpetual motion machine

  13. DotCD

    This is fake but at least you did a good job faking it.The friction from the bearings will eventually stop it, secondly wheels that are overbalanced balance themselves, the COM will trend down until it stops, but again it was a well made fake.

  14. Murad Ali

    I think perpetual means forever right ? it mean it is still running in the backyard of your house eh ?

  15. Steven Taylor

    It’s not perpetual if you start it’s motion it’s post contact perpetuality

  16. juncear

    out of the people that think this is real, raise the hand the ones that also believe earth is flat!

  17. Justin Overholtzer

    Fake! it speeds up half way. Watch at 3:15 and time the rotation. It speeds up at 3:30 and the screen flickers slightly

  18. N dl

    Hi, This is an editing hoax. The Center of machine is not the Center of the wheel.Calculate the real Center of the System and paint it in in the Video. Then it is so obvious that the energy down and energy up is perfectly balanced and the wriction will stop it at the end. There is only one way to build a Graviton->energy converting device. That is if you make use of the time dilitation between 2 Frames with different timeflow (2 different hights), let the object flow through these and gain kinetic energy, and find a way to instantly Transport energy between the 2 Frames in one blow (impulse) to the Frame with the quicker time flow.

  19. N Kh

    Very good video , but I did dislike it so the visitor could guess something is wrong. Thanks for this video

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