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–Deck code names–
“Style” = these decks are made to be somewhat competitive and have no restrictions in their deck building.

“XTR” xtr = Extreme Theme. This deck follows a theme deck idea the the fullest, like only running cards with “Greed” in their names, or only running Pyro type monsters ect.

“FADE” fade = FAil DEck. Fade decks usually follow the theme of trying to pull off a card to do combo or trying to summon a specific hard to summon monster. Like trying to use the card effect of “Over the Rainbow” or trying to summon “Greed Quasar” and using its effect. The difference from FaDe decks to XTR decks is that FaDe decks can use whatever cards it wants to pull off its combo, while XTR decks are more about the cards in the deck itself and less about a combo or trying to summon 1 monster.

“Convoluted Combos” – This deck will play against a stacked deck (not shuffled and against myself using a 2nd computer) and pull off very hard to do or impossible combos.
If you have a deck idea for me just leave it in the comments and there’s a good chance I might make it if I haven’t already. (note-I have a huge list of requests now, like 100+, so if I do take your request you might not see it for a while, Also check to see if I haven’t done the request already by just searching youtube)

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20 Responses to Perpetual King Archfiend Psychic Blade FaDe

  1. xyzn1

    That Six…

    I use that in a level manipulation build of F.A.'s along with Diceversity to help facilitate the use of Machine Duplication within the archetype. I could send you a recipe to try if you are interested in showcasing it on your channel.

  2. hollowXwulff

    The bujin match was just so painful to watch lmao

  3. blackskull345

    The fate of yugioh I am afraid. New format comes out that makes a shit card just the most broken of broken shit.

  4. 13KuriMaster

    Something tells me that Grinder Golem needed to take a visit to the ban list… and maybe get an errata.

  5. DELTA

    man the same combo over and over that's why i hate links

  6. Antonio H. N. Muniz

    To the people complaining about Grinder Golem, I'm actually happy about this deck.

    The Grinder Golem tokens are fiends, which meet the requirements for Perpetual King Archfiend. And it was very smart to use Akashic Magician to search important cards (like Psychic Blade) while milling fiends for the dice roll effect of Perpetual King. And Grinder Golem synergizes really well with Hidden Armory, since both prevent normal summons.

    Just because he used a mainstream starter card/combo, it doesn't mean the deck isn't creative.

  7. Zack Savage

    I just want to say this: don't think that this deck is cancer just because it has grinder golemn. Grinder golemn is fine in this deck. This dedck was very fun to watch and I will be building my own variant. You are a good deck builder. I am a long time fan. This deck more so than others performs well in a casual environment. Good Job.

  8. sd sd

    Perpetual King was really just a generic fiend link that's doesn't benefit of give benefits from being part of an archetype, put it's possible for it's archetype to make it. The chess archfiends also count but who runs them anymore?

  9. shadows221

    Grinder Golem did most of the actual work. lol

  10. GameModJr

    moral of the video: grinder golem needs to be banned.

  11. Emo1996growl1

    So Grinder Golem is meta now…?

  12. GenesicShinZyraelKai

    This is one of those decks that Grinder Golem spam is actually reasonable. And it's a smart use of it in that regard. At least it didn't end up being a Firewall Dragon spam.

  13. Snow Golem

    1) Idk why, but I feel like watching you try a FaDe that uses Stegocyber and Trifortressops [and all the other directly-related cards if there are any that I'm missing].
    2) What would you think of trying a joke deck that focuses on turbo-ing out the vanilla monster Souleater? (I'm assuming you still really like watching anime.)

  14. Benjamin Fortune

    Even without Grinder Golem being a generically good card in links, he actually really was important in this deck for Perpetual King's summoning condition.

    He is a strong card, but the fact that the entire play folds to Veiler, Maxx C, Ghost Reaper, or Yuki, etc. and then the opponent's not allowed to normal summon is pretty good. Add to that the opponent had to dedicate so many extradeck cards to that 1 combo, and I feel like that makes up for it a bit.

    He's likely to be hit just because of the extensions he provides to meta decks that're already overtly good, also seeing the same opening play in every deck can be a bit much.

  15. Quasar47

    Honestly, that was a really boring and uninteresting video in spite of the title. Don't get me wrong, I always loved your work and I'm stille really impressed by how you manage to make the best of every impossible combo or underestimated decks, but here… Just seeing you spamming Grinder Golem in order to swarm again the filed with links… Yeah, that was boring, and very predictable. I don't have that feeling you put some thought in your deck building, only that you already tried GGolem in another video you uploaded with link spamming and you told yourself "Fuck yeah, this is so OP I can't even get why I don't use GGolem more often !"

    Anyway, that card will be banned soon, now that link summoning will allow it to be broken as fuck. That said, that video is really… Sad, I think. Bringing out 2 tokens for link summon without any cost and self-boucing with stupid link-2 monsters to bring out even more powerful link monsters and even-more self-bouncing with GGolem and link summoning again with tokens… I knew you smarter than that, TheDuelLogs.

  16. Grid

    At this rate, grinder golem is gonna end up on the chopping block

  17. Daniel Baker

    You have finally made the jump. Congrats.

  18. Johnny Berton

    We want rescue rabbit's adventures duellogs!!

  19. good boy

    Can anyone explain to me the first duel ? From spamming grinder golem until the end ??

  20. Frank West

    Fuck grinder golem. He should be banned. You should never be able to do so much with one card. Either completely banned or changed to a hard once per turn

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