Perpetual cat motion disproved

Diana Duong looks into the buttered cat theory.
Thanks to Natalie Ast for lending her four cats for science and Matthew O’Mara for help with editing.
Part of the Nov. 27, 2012 joke broadcast of Ryerson JRN 910 Masthead class.
No cats were harmed in the making of this video.

4 Responses to Perpetual cat motion disproved

  1. Albert Diones

    (That rubber band looks tight.)
    Try strapping your cat with another cat?

  2. supernightwalker

    You are doing it wrong. Both forces must be rejecting the floor. Place the toast on the cats belly with the butter side up. But be carefull. If the cat dies,its created a microsingularity

  3. Juan Pablo Durán

    There is also a scientific reason for the toast to almost always land on the buttery side, some people just don't know how physics work.

  4. Joel Piggott

    Ah but I see a flaw!

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