Perpetual Campaign

What sort of “change” is in store for the United States this time? Who are these evil people who are ignoring the job creators? See where America’s newest economic powerhouse lies in this cartoon. Stay up-to-date with the latest animation!

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20 Responses to Perpetual Campaign

  1. Mark Fiore

    Uh-oh, what was meant to be satire has come true. Check out the NYTimes last Sunday & google "Organizing for Action."

  2. Steven Goulart

    or Newt Gingrich

  3. kingcantine smith

    Ok i havent complain for a while now so… i want DOGBOY ! and mrs.dan… Thx for great videos mark keep on the good work !

  4. Boston Badass Hugh Jass

    You would think that, but his company claimed to get businesses back on their feet, and Romney convincingly inserted contractual clauses that gave Baine enough leverage over said companies while making them look good. Now, many did see through his scheme, but others weren't as fortunate. Part of being professional is being reliable and trustworthy in your area of expertise, and people thought they could trust these financial experts to look after their interests.

  5. David Cherelin

    If Romney fooled anybody, then they deserve what they get. He was quite open about his real agenda many, many times. It would be like a young man who knows everything about Jeffrey Dahmer, yet still accepting a dinner invite from him.

  6. JaclynGlenn

    great stuff 🙂

  7. GarlicPudding

    Even better:
    "Jones/Icke 2016!"

  8. Mark Fiore

    Many points for mentioning "Decepticons," one of the best-named evil character species!

  9. xxxRadarxxx

    What about "Palin/Beck?" I hear Jim Carrey will get a royalty check from them for an unofficial Dumb and Dumber sequel if that happens.

  10. Mark Fiore

    The political cartoonists' dream ticket!

  11. Boston Badass Hugh Jass

    They are already fucking the American people in that… morbidly kinky way. They want to consolidate all their advantages against the "common" person, as they are a different tribe from us. They actually hate small businesses and feel entitled to the Earth's resources, and these people own most of the means of production. They want a system similar to communism, except instead of the government owning the means of production and monopolizing everything they want their monopolies doing so.

  12. Boston Badass Hugh Jass

    Romney raided small businesses, liquidated their assets, and gave the previous owners nothing, so keep in mind that these weren't payday loan idiots he was fooling. Yes, Romney may be a business genius, but that doesn't mean he will use it to balance the budget instead of fuck America over. Also, if someone wants to put an extra 2 trillion into the military they are up to no good, I don't care what anyone says. War is something that politicians should seek avoiding at all costs.

  13. Boston Badass Hugh Jass

    Romney really did want to raise income taxes on all brackets… including those making $250,000 per year. However, he did want to greatly reduce corporate and capital gains while phasing out the estate tax, where the real rich obtain their money. He has actually fooled many hard working small business owners and those who strictly have the income that he's good for them, but he isn't, he only cares about his inner-circle.

  14. Sensei Rich

    At least it's better than funding another F-35 program.

  15. xxxRadarxxx

    Time to gear up for "Ryan/ Limbaugh 2016!"

  16. 666sigma

    That is nothing compared to the lobbying dollars spent in DC. Screw the PAC's. Lobbying is where it is at.

    BTW, who are the biggest campaign donors? Wall Street and Unions. Go figure. Both give their money to the DNC. I know. NYC, NJ and CT are LOADED with Republican fat cats who gave their money to Romney.

    Wall Street LOVES Washington because . . .

    These pinheads would fuck their Mother's eyesocket for a campaign contribution.

  17. GarlicPudding

    6 billion dollars?

    That's it; I'm moving to the Moon. Maybe I'll meet some Space Nazis, Decepticons, or Luna.

  18. Mark Fiore

    Stay strong, brother!

  19. JRShire

    Oh dear God, please no!!!

  20. theoriginalprisonerX

    Imagine how much good could be done with 6 billion bucks. Imagine how much suffering could be ended with just a few dollars in this world. The very fact that money is spent so frivolously around this planet for so much meaningless bullshit is sickening. You hear the box office receipts for such and such movie or Broadway show and the amounts seem so obscene but yet there is still so much suffering. Maybe our priorities are all in the wrong places.

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