Perfectly Preserved Pet | American Stuffers

Stormy is stunned at how lifelike her preserved pet is.

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17 Responses to Perfectly Preserved Pet | American Stuffers

  1. Turquoise Man

    why do people always boo hoo and cry like a whiny baby

  2. SkyLovesPancakes

    Sitting here crying it's fine

  3. Pablo Escobar

    I want this done to my pomchi. He's a brave lil guy

  4. drkr17

    This is weird but it made me cry. I don't know if I could go through the pain of seeing my dog daily and knowing he's dead. It's just a lifeless body. But I don't respect everyone's wishes and if people want to do this to there loved pets who am I to judge.

  5. Great Sniff

    where I live, doing this is like hanging human bodies

  6. NeonDoesStuff

    I love my dog a lot and i would be extremely sad for months when they die but i dont think i would be able to handle stuffing them. Seeing their dead face everyday… When they're buried you don't have to be reminded everyday that your loving pet died. And i need to wear glasses to see things far away, so if i saw my pet in the corner of my eye i would get shocked, look over, and see that it was just their stuffed body, and i would remember that i would never get them back, no matter what. Stuffing them makes it feel like they're there, when they are not. You may think it helps everyone, it definitely would not help me. (Note: i wrote this right after i woke up so if it is grammatically incorrect or just plain idiotic, ignore it)

  7. Shasta Wolf

    This made me cry! Makes me think of my little Sammy… oh i miss him so much… we buried him… oh what will i do when i lose my dog Zoey? Sam was a little brown chihuahua, Zoey's a beagle. Aww my face is wet this is beautifully sad

  8. Tiara Wright

    OMG,,why would anyone do that. I was tore up when my dog died. No way could I look at her as a damn stuffed animal every day. This is sick!!!

  9. The Ross

    Rip Gabe the dog.

    oh wait

  10. I'm a turtle DEAL WITH IT!!!!

    I want this to happen to my dog when he dies but I don't know how much in money

  11. Jess

    Taxidermy is fucking sick

  12. Scruffy the Wolf

    Aww that woman is sad yet happy

  13. Jo Julian

    I'm so sorry for your loss, breaks my heart.
    You did an amazing job! The furbaby looks beautiful!

  14. AdorkableMarina

    Personally I don't think I'd ever be able to handle seeing my deceased pet stuffed properly; but seeing this woman cry with happiness and embrace her puppy one more time was really heartfelt to me

  15. oh gee its angie

    Am i the only one who teared up?

  16. oh gee its angie

    Am i the only one who teared up?

  17. Kin R

    I think thats disgusting..very sad because she wants to hold on to her beloved pet,but any one who thinks this is a good thing has some issues.

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