Pawn Stars: Taxidermy Cobra for sale…or Not? | History

In this scene, a customer brings in a taxidermic cobra he bought in Thailand for $12 and tries to sell it for $200.

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Pawn Stars
Episode 920
Chum’s Revenge

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19 Responses to Pawn Stars: Taxidermy Cobra for sale…or Not? | History

  1. Garrett Nance

    That’s not even a king cobra it’s a monicole cobra

  2. Dave Here

    Imagine having this thing as a window ornament! The poor postman…

  3. PaintedPotato

    The taxidermy wasn’t very high quality, as you can see in the thumbnail, the mouth wasn’t put on correctly.

  4. we love we love

    The best i can do is

  5. Justin Webster

    why ask how much he wants for it and then say you're not interested in buying?

  6. Anshu perera

    He didn't know anything

  7. FM LR

    im not an expert on fake reality,i got to check with a buddy of mine that know about this things

  8. Robert In der Weide

    its not a king cobra

  9. StarScream 13

    'how much do you want for it'
    'i dont want it' wut

  10. Jordan Hallam

    "4ft snake couldn't eat a 4ft snake, the math isn't there" You're a clown, snakes have been known to east small cattle or even fully grown cows since the way their skin can stretch.

  11. Oscar De Jesus

    His face when ge said its not a king cobra

  12. Man Aap

    no crack for him

  13. Steven Seagal Weeaboo King

    Regardless of the type of cobra, I'd still buy it.

  14. Oscar Amaral

    So rick knows about cobras now what else does he know

  15. Danny Scoggin

    Really rick? Your not a snake expert lol. Your correct that's not a King but your description is totally wrong.

  16. SuperSaiyan3985

    LOL they're trying to tell me he knows this much about snakes? GTFO of here.

  17. energetic23

    Thats not cobra…..thats my ex wife

  18. skk supa

    This cobras are common in our backyard it's called monocled Cobra.

  19. The lonely Otaku

    When I saw his face I was like CHUCK NORRIS??

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