Patti and Her Perpetual Bad Hair Day

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5 Responses to Patti and Her Perpetual Bad Hair Day

  1. Kathy Robinson

    Is there a way to send a contribution specifically towards a medical exam for Miss Patti? I would be happy to send what I can if that would help. By the way, tried the link to your wish list but it says it is not an active account. Thanks for sharing these sweet kittens and for all you do for them!

  2. pheline24

    She is just so adorable!! ❤️❤️

  3. For the love of pets

    She is to cute, hopefully she will grow into that hair one day.

  4. Renee Valenti

    I hope shes not sick. But just love that hair.

  5. Ces Marie Synnott

    Her fur is not healthy looking.. it's NOT just a bad 'hair day' that lil kitten could be seriously sick!

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