painting a walleye taxidermy fishstuffer

painting a walleye skin mount

9 Responses to painting a walleye taxidermy fishstuffer

  1. zog noty

    i would like to paint you have a good brand of paint to recommend ?

  2. onelove

    It made me sea sick watching this video in Fast Forward!

  3. James Richards

    Is it necessary to paint the fish

  4. Pete Theunissen

    hi what type of paint do you use.good job

  5. cameron minson

    I almost shit my pants at 3:57

  6. John Snow

    8:00 RIP ears

  7. Nicholas R Glorioso

    SWEET WALLEYE!! I am a professional taxidermist in Ny State, and I mount quite a few Fish, but Not any walleye as of yet! Lol. Do you use Liquacure or another type of Fish tan like I do, or a custom tan or dry preservative? Just curious..
    Nicholas R Glorioso, Owner
    Glorioso Wildlife Mounts Taxidermy
    802 733 2590 shop

  8. brad nadeau

    Great job just wish you had talked about tools an chemicals you used

  9. jimmy sprad

    hey man you do a awsome job on those walleyes keep up the work and hope to see more fish taxidermy from your work…

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