Orijen Dry Kibble & Freeze Dried Dog Food Review & Demo – from chewy.com

This is my review of Orijen’s dry dog food & freeze dried food. Overall a great food!
Courtesy of www.chewy.com (I currently shop chewy.com & love their free 2 day shipping on orders of $50 or more)

Read about Orijen here: http://www.orijen.ca/dog-food/
Buy Orijen here: http://www.chewy.com/s/orijen,adult
Again, BIG thanks to chewy.com =}

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20 Responses to Orijen Dry Kibble & Freeze Dried Dog Food Review & Demo – from chewy.com

  1. Maria Pet Fooled DVD

    YOU-TUBE…"The Unknown Sugar in Pet Food"….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUJaiYLYDp4

  2. RBNightlinger

    Chicken meal, turkey meal, herring meal, salmon meal?  No thanks.

  3. David Trevathan

    Question, is it made with recycled dogs, cats, roadkill, like other brands? If your unsure Google " is there roadkill in dog food"? It is a fact most dog food does including uthanized pets as part of the recipe or rendered pets in pet food. There are even YouTube videos showing rendering plants with piles of pets and roadkill awaiting to be made into "rendered meat". Sick but true!

  4. King Shepherd323

    Nothing like using your dogs as Guinea pigs for all that trash!!! If you really educated yourself and want to give real healthy reviews raw is the only way for a true healthy way to go.
    Kibble is kibble no matter what company or country it comes from!!!!!! Feel sorry for the dogs!!

  5. RaijinHanshi

    It was painful for me to watch this video considering the fact that this video is so heavily edited. Its difficult to understand some of the basic sentences due to the excessive amount of editing that this video has.

  6. D

    what mix are your two dogs?

  7. Jayne Pharoah

    that is WAY too much your over feeding! this kibble is different to normal kibble so you need to feed less, however even If this was a normal kibble I still wouldn't even feed that much!

  8. Ame sama

    From what I saw, it's a good testament that the freeze dry food doesnt absorb water as well, it means it's meatier, and less-to-no wheat at all. Like when bread and crackers absorbs a lot of water and beef jerkies don't.

  9. gnexus01

    Ughh the Editing in this video is terrible. The cut offs are too sharp and much to sharp.

  10. Emily

    Ya I agree over feeding I was shocked when I saw her say in the begging that it was a half of there what they usually get then she added half of the other food that was so much food and the second day So much food not good. Also not good to have wet food every day cuz she said she usually give the dogs wet food mixed in every day just way to much food in one sitting and she said 3-4 times a day they eat? Wow

  11. Lesley Whoever

    Thanks for the review. Have you heard of Go dog food ? Thoughts ?

  12. Albert .G

    i feed my dog pure balance!! really great food.

  13. Jessie Auer

    Any pet lover should become aware of the tainted dog foods available in the market if you wish to span your dog's life.

  14. Xun Li

    try raw! bet they won't be slow eaters anymore

  15. Riaan De Winnaar

    Orijen is one of the best canine food brands you can feed. My dogs aren't carry about the taste but they do eat it. Its healthy and economical.

    How boring is it to eat once a day..? She doesn't eat with the male because of their social structure. The pastille is one meal even though there is 2 bowls. Give her her own bowl on the floor is fine.

  16. Justine Panzeca

    Did you do research before this video? For one, dogs are never supposed to eat just once a day, it's twice. For two, you did not measure out all of the food to make sure they are getting the right amount. I think that speaks for itself since your dogs are overweight. Typical that a vet says this is normal. For three, freeze dried food with water added it SUPPOSED to have excess water! It help increase their water intake for hydration and easier digestion. Ugh. This bothers me.

  17. Matthew Jenkins

    Is it just me or is the video choppy

  18. Tony DeCarlo

    eye <3 Roxy! My furbae is eating Orijen Tundra freeze dried tonight.

    your barkbae is cute!

  19. windy torres

    I have my 4 month old German Shepard on Orijen large breed puppy and she is doing really well. Coat looks silky and has great stamina. Love that food. I had another female German shepherd on Kirkland rice and chicken for 4 years and did great too .she was huge 95 pounds but one day I went to Walmart and bought a few cans of Roy or whatever the name is to mix with the dried food and I lost her . The gravy looked kind of strange .bloat killed her in minutes. Thanks for the video.

  20. keenan mcc

    hello.   thanks for the video.   Just wondering how many pucks are in a freeze dried bag and how many you have to give your dogs per day if that was all they were to have (not mixed with kibble).  Thanks again for posting your video.

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