Online outrage after dead cat handbag goes up for auction on Trade Me

Fashion victim: Handbag made from a dead CAT goes on sale for $1400 – so would you buy it?

Handbag made from dead, taxidermy cat for sale on New Zealand website

It’s on an auction site called TradeMe with a starting price of $1400

Listing says no animals were harmed in the creation of the ‘glamour’ bag

But opponents say it’s in bad taste, offensive and disrespectful


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5 Responses to Online outrage after dead cat handbag goes up for auction on Trade Me

  1. Lana Varmatos-Carpenter

    This is sick but then I find stuffed deer fish & other animals rather sick too. Animals look better alive

  2. Chris Wintland

    every body wants to worried about what someone else is doing , but the police are killing innocent people and getting away with it , just because of the coler of there skin. There's injustices taking place right now, children are being molested , right now this very second. But you choose this to get pissed about . Take a stand for humanity, or civil rights something that is important.

  3. Get Back In Your Own Lane

    Hey! At least it finally has a use

  4. GatisSta79

    Sick people.

  5. preppersintent

    News flash….dead animals are on your supper table every night….cats are food in some places ….. go whine about something that is relevant ….oh, and MEEOOOOOOWWW.

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