North American Spotted Turtle Care (Clemmys Guttata)

A video explaining some of the care needed for the North American Spotted turtle, this was not really planned so I might have forgotten a few things =P. Also a look at the breeding habits of spotted turtles.

20 Responses to North American Spotted Turtle Care (Clemmys Guttata)

  1. ESIN 623k

    Is that a whole in his side

  2. grant Diggs

    would 12 inches of water depth be to much for a baby spotted turtle?

  3. Mark Patrick

    gotta love turtle porn

  4. myfantasticpets

    Melissa Librant, they are not Wild! He bought them….. which you can do…

  5. Chance Cox

    Were do you buy them

  6. Yinghao Kang

    how about drowning issue??? since the water level is kinda high and you keep both male and female together. Is there any possibility for drowning issue when they mate?

  7. Melissa Librant

    I hope you mate them maybe if people breed them enough they can start occasionally putting them back in wild and off the endangered species list

  8. Shannon Langenfelder

    Lol gimme a piece of that shell baby

  9. Krist Reid

    turtle porr?

  10. benjitheluckyguy

    Where on a turtle do you measure is it the underbelly?

  11. perpetualwandrer

    No they wont. They are turtles.

  12. v vang

    Turtle porn lol..hopefully you got fertile eggs

  13. aStrayforMyTime

    Want to make some money?

  14. Raymundo Vargas

    I hope they lay eggs

  15. Bodacious468

    How do they get along with the fish?

  16. georgeman21222

    man he's really working at that

  17. DanThe TurtleMan

    Amazing care video:) i subbed
    check out my new baby musk turtle video on my channel

  18. BleuSaphirReptiles

    I agree! I think there can be other ideas to protect this species without outlawing state to state sales…

  19. perpetualwandrer

    Lets really hope it does not go into effect. And thank you

  20. BleuSaphirReptiles

    Awesome care video for these species! These turtles are super awesome, I love mine and I hope to get more before this proposal happens (If the proposal goes into effect)…

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