No, Cloning Your Dog Won’t Bring Them Back

If you clone your pet, will it just look the same as the original? Will it also act the same?

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The Life of Dolly
“Dolly was cloned from a cell taken from the mammary gland of a six-year-old Finn Dorset sheep and an egg cell taken from a Scottish Blackface sheep. She was born to her Scottish Blackface surrogate mother on 5th July 1996. Dolly’s white face was one of the first signs that she was a clone because if she was genetically related to her surrogate mother, she would have had a black face.”

Pet Kitten Cloned for Christmas
“Animal rights activists say there is no need to produce cloned cats when there are thousands of stray cats put to death every year. And scientists warn that cloned animals suffer more health problems than traditionally bred animals.”

Cloned Pets: Looks Can Be Deceiving
“He looked exactly the same,” Reddell said. “Chance did things very uniquely. When you feed most cattle, they’ll bury their faces in the feed bucket or trough and just keep it there. Chance always put his head in the bucket, got a big mouthful and the raised his head up in the air and closed his eyes, and would just savor the sweetfeed. Second Chance ate exactly the same way.”


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19 Responses to No, Cloning Your Dog Won’t Bring Them Back

  1. Planet Giakhangdo

    Does it effect with humans too?

  2. WyattNelsonGames

    if we clone humans and make droids we CAN HAVE THE CLONE WARS!!

  3. BIND Media

    Of course personality is nature + nurture. I wonder whether people who go through dog cloning really have an expectation they’re getting the same dog. If so, they shouldn’t.

  4. Yum

    The horse I feel especially cloning a horse isn’t a good idea because they are big, so it would be overpriced for just a model of yours

  5. John Doe

    2:492:53 "Clones favored each other's company over cows produced by artificial insemination"
    Am I dumb cause aren't those the same thing?

  6. HulaKinza

    The deal is You can clone the look, flesh,body, but you willl never be able to clone the anomalies / AKA souls ! Not yet anyways maybe someday there will be a possibility to transfer the souls / The day they'll be able to do human cloning they will get more answers about the spirtual world! Even be able to fiddle the DNA structure reduce aging unluck brain capacities etc etc.. Structure human evolving by science!! They will be able to get answers on everything…

    Those people called aliens in UFO's might be us in the future evolved by cloning / Time travelling ! Who knows ?

  7. museluvr

    I'm sorry, but this cloning idea is dumb. Period. That type of money could be better spent on a new pet, one you can learn to love as well as the lost one. Just another way for the cloner's to take advantage of someone' loss and make millions, while you're out $50k or more.

  8. Porg King of all monsters

    Great job of breaking our dreams

  9. Renel Degazon

    I think we should also clone their brain, but we don't know much about the brain and no machine can compare to the brain.

  10. Martin Schön

    If i could clone my granny

  11. Stephany Fofano

    if i could clone my dog then yes i would clone them

  12. Drake Zell


  13. Pearson Animates

    Wouldn't clone, I'd get depressed again. ("Omg Chavo! But you're not him… He's gonna hate me for making a new dog and saying that he is him… I miss my dog…")

  14. Rick Grassi

    I wouldn’t clone for these stupid medicinal purposes, I would clone myself to have it work for me, as long as the clone isn’t self aware or has feelings and emotions, and behaves in the same way, I would use the clone as means to dealing with my family, my school work, my job, or all the other shitty parts of life that no one wants, then I can have the other 90% of my life back

  15. Taylor

    Who else was drawn to this video by the army of corgis?

  16. robert Zhang

    I feel like the cloned ones don't have consious. It's like a robot living among us, and we know they're robot. Like there is just something missing.

  17. Xx GodHePro xX

    They have the same DNA ar blood but not the same behaviors

  18. Jara Drawz

    Better off moving on and getting a new pet so it's a new experience but you already know the responsibility of having one

  19. vorkev1

    almost 1 year later and we have learned part of what you say is not true. also if you want a expensive clone try a human clone. almost every govement prohibits it but some only make it a wear it just a little jail time and a huge fine with that sed some people on the internet the dark web are willing to do it as long as you are rich. they will do it as they no if they get cought they will serve some time and have to pay a fine but since you paid them millions of dollars they do not care as they are only out the time they spent in jail if they do not use part of the money to pay their way out. in fact if you look around on the internet the dark web you will find most people who had it dun and do it say they do it in north korea wear their you serve no jail time as long as you pay the government.

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