New Wave Taxidermy – specializing in fish artistry. Come tour our facility.

Dear Anglers, Until recently, taxidermy was the art of turning a captured dead fish into a memorable wall mount. The process involved skinning the fish, mounting, drying and painting it. Without the proper climate, this dated process can result in the deterioration of the mount. Still being marketed as “taxidermy,” New Wave mounts are fiberglass reproductions that are durable and more realistic in appearance. Today’s technology and advanced products allow us to show infinite detail and create a superior mount.

The secret to New Wave Taxidermy’s success is superior mold building and the true life coloring. Because of the love of fishing and the love of art, Michael can capture the iridescent lit up excitement of a fighting fish or boat side photo. Michael and our staff take great pride in recreating a detailed fish mount that captures its attitude. Our molds are created for clients that care about detail; thin fins that are clear or opaque according to the species, natural poses, natural looking eyes, gills and mouth interior details.

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