Nevermore! – Preserving a dead crow

dont like it? dont watch it.

20 Responses to Nevermore! – Preserving a dead crow

  1. Tank Jay Games

    Fucking moron

  2. - DEATHSTROKE5243 -

    Cool but Shawn beat you by about 15 years

  3. Captain Sardine 4786

    Can you give it to me? I'm starving right now, and this would be a nice lunch.

  4. Standing With The Band

    Birds are actually very clean animals. If you're finding them on the road and such, then they're not going to be as clean. But as living, they spend a lot of time bathing and preening themselves. It's always a smart idea to wash them nonetheless. I've seen taxidermists actually press on washing domestic birds more than wild birds! Wild birds also have a water resistant coat on their feathers that helps keep them clean and protected from the elements

  5. Andrew Offermann

    thats a raven not a crow I got a few jarred I do a lot of wet specimens and taxidermy you should always inject with 70% or higher and then poor in a 50% it will preserve better

  6. TheToxicCarnage007

    I'm thirsty, can I drink it?

  7. Goddess Kiera

    update pls???

  8. Amber p

    judging by your voice I'm assuming you live in the US so just so you know it's pretty illegal to collect and keep the remains of most species of bird in the US including the crow and raven

  9. Kerim Essaidi

    "ÔM" the vulture prince. 2011.

  10. Ismook

    Slipknot fan much?

  11. Jean Myers

    i have several animals i want to try this with mine are also roadkill wish me luck thanks for the video

  12. sqigga

    how the fuck did I come across this video and what the fuck is this fucking wiredo

  13. TheSadOne

    Good Video, Some helpful tips. If I was you I would have frozen the crow until I could have found a more suitable container for it, but that's just me. ((Opinion time ->) I have an honest question that has been making me wonder for sometime. I wonder why most people who are preserving animals and such have a (for lack of a better word) "gothic" look? Because I'm pretty much just your average Joe looking "freak" and you wouldn't know I did this stuff unless I told you and this is by design. And again this is just something I've been thinking of and I don't mean to split any feathers. (ahhhhhh YOU GET IT :3) but anyways thank you for reading and have a nice day. 🙂

  14. Lex Lucas

    Lmao this is not how you "preserve" things not once was anything injected with….. smh kids

  15. Mike Johnson

    you need to use a needle and inject her with your preservative. otherwise the specimen will still rot from the inside out.

  16. Zack Smith

    Does this work with human fetuses?

  17. BKG Thrillz

    when would want to preserve this

  18. I Stole Your Sandwich

    what the fuck is this shit

  19. Tony

    This is what feminism looks like.

  20. meh

    Slipknot fans?

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