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As deer season kicks into full swing in North Carolina, taxidermists throughout the state ready for their busiest season. In Statesville, there’s an award winning taxidermist who has made it her passion to bring an artistic flair to all her mounts. She is one of only a handful of woman in the world who do this job. Heather Burgiss introduces us to Amy Ritchie-Carter and shows us why creating this type of animal art has been her passion since she was just 13 years old.

5 Responses to NC Now | Animal Art: Taxidermy in NC | UNC-TV

  1. emma Carlson

    I'm pretty sure she hunts though

  2. Alysani01

    I like how she doesnt hunt them to use and she used animals who died naturally.

  3. Greg giono

    Amy you need your own channel a million subscribers!

  4. Sophie Bird

    Wow I love your artwork and it makes me so happy that you don't hunt the animals and that they die from Natural causes do you sell your taxidermy?

  5. Maeve Dana

    Thank you Amy. Your work is absolutely beautiful!

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