My Unusual Obsession: Taxidermy

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On the UK’s Essex coast, shot-girl Jayne is putting down the tequila bottle and turning her hand to the preservation of dead animals. Her aim is to dispel the stuffy (!) preconception of taxidermy, bringing with her a touch of leopard print and an eye for interior design. Jayne is a firm believer that dead animals can be beautiful but with her own beloved pet poodle reaching a ripe old age, she draws the line at making an ornament out of her own adored companion.

Clip from All Creatures Great and Stuffed, 2014. Content licensed from Mentorn Media. Any queries, please contact us at

18 Responses to My Unusual Obsession: Taxidermy

  1. Megan H

    Ew omfggggggggggg might as well bury yourself alive

  2. TheDogChannel c:

    I would stuff my pillow with me re fluff…

  3. Brynn Ditsche

    I love her! where is she?

  4. Vanesa 0-0

    Little ppl have watched this

  5. SuperMysticGamer

    Omg poor dog living in such horror!….

  6. InvaderTwinz2

    That’s so cool

  7. ZMAN 6969

    How is this legal

  8. butitssummerma

    Dog lived so long
    bc he's afraid to die

  9. Heru- deshet

    Tits a very interesting video.

  10. Kayleigh Myers

    Just like the country people who hang up bear and deer heads!

  11. Free To Be Me

    To each his own.

  12. The Blue Haired Lawyer

    I understand eating animals to survive, but animals are (or at one point were) living things and should be treated with respect, just like human beings. Using their bodies as some kind of morbid decoration is just bizarre and stupid.

  13. l l

    The thing is, why tho?

  14. Сакура 桜

    I'll be the odd one out and say it's cool XD

  15. Eva Smith

    That dog is so scared

  16. Tiffany

    God i want her to dominate me (:

  17. Vechronicaa


  18. David Thurman

    That's fucked up

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