My Taxidermy Collection

In this video I show you another interest of mine, Taxidermy! I have both tails and softmounts; I am hoping to acquire more in the future.
DISCLAIMER: I and the artist did NOT kills these creatures. If you are sensitive to the topic of taxidermy, don’t watch! If you have any negative comments, please keep them to yourself. Thank you!

18 Responses to My Taxidermy Collection

  1. xXsoftmount andskullsXx

    Your coyote soft mount is actually a coywolf coyotes especially males aren't that big, most coywolves look like coyotes but have a wolf size, silver fox tail

  2. SkyLovesPancakes

    The coyote is amazing.

  3. Boscoa

    I want Them so bad but there so expensive

  4. Wolfe lps LPS

    how much wold a wolf of fox be just want to know

  5. Little Fishies

    I wasn't expecting them to be made with real animals. Since I make "soft mounts" out of clay and fake fur… XD

  6. Jurassic Fan

    Are those real animal

  7. Underfell Sans

    Were do you get that

  8. Georgia Krause

    Caden is gorgeous! I just love the collar that you have for that munchkin!

  9. Night_ Ash101

    i collect taxidermy tails

  10. Katlyn DeMerchant

    Hi… I was wondering if you could help me. I'm eleven, and I'm interested in doing taxidermy, but I don't know how to tell my parents. I feel they would be upset, and I cannot think of how to tell them 🙁

  11. lime roo fursuiter

    What if you made one into puppet

  12. Darrel Steinback

    Hey! I absolutely love caden he is made so well! I read in other comments that you got him from a seller in deviantart and I was wondering how much he cost because I'm looking into getting a red fox done. thanks! great vid!

  13. GrooveHillStudio

    omg this might sound wierd but they all are so cute

  14. ajf cool gamer

    when you should the coyote I thought it was a dog for a second

  15. Silent Wolf

    I want one SO badly =(

  16. Lps Artwolf Galaxy wol

    is it a reel caotie? i dount under stand this is it a real animal or like a stuffd animal teddy or just a teddy?

  17. Lps populer

    Where did you get the coyote soft mount he looks so gorgeous and I would love to get one

  18. Kristine Schenkey

    I want one soo bad but I looked up them on etsy they are to much because I'm very Yong 🙁

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