My Taxidermy Collection (Vol 2)

4 Responses to My Taxidermy Collection (Vol 2)

  1. Tropical Popsicle

    I would be scared of a taxidermy animal. Even though I know it's dead, it still makes my hands sweat. How do you sleep with them every night :/ ?

  2. Sophie M

    Heck I love taxidermy! Right now I have a coyote tail, two coyote claws, a red fox (wild) tail, a bobcat tooth, a meat rabbit pelt, a raccoon skull, and a crow's fanned tail!

  3. Horse Luv

    I am thinking about getting a soft joint except I would feel guilty if it was trapped or endangered. I would much rather it die of natural causes but it's most likely not going to happen. :/

  4. John Depth

    your taxidermy collection is amazing! it's good to see that Caden is doing well 🙂

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