My Taxidermy Collection and Stories

A video of my taxidermy collection had been requested multiple times and I thought it would be interesting to show off our duck, deer, and fish mounts that we have. We have in total 6 deer, 3 ducks (a mallard, green-wing teal, and merganser), 2 ring perch, and a blue catfish. Most of the mounts have some unique and memorable stories behind them that make all the pieces very special for me and my father. I hope y’all enjoy the video and make sure to subscribe!

14 Responses to My Taxidermy Collection and Stories

  1. Brigham Salisbury

    Those mergansers have cool colors…but man are they gross. Here in Oregon, those critters fly all over the place. Don't waste a spot in your limit on a merganser. I have shot them, but man I'd rather shoot a teal over that thing.

  2. BowHunter2291

    Where are you based out of we duck hunt Gloucester area

  3. Carson Beckman

    It’s a yellow perch

  4. Kelley Simmons

    Awesome video. Good luck with your first day and week of college. Looking forward for next week's video as always keep up the great work. Love the story's behind you and your's dad's taxidermy.

  5. Dylan Richards

    Hunt a damn field once please, stop killing ducks on water that’s there home and it’s not ethical

  6. Fowl Assassins

    Some great mounts and stories to go with them!

  7. Jacob morrison

    What type of tackle did he use to land that big cat?

  8. schelleheli1

    Hey I’m VP of the Hampden-Sydney College chapter of DU. Let me know if you have any questions about the waters around Longwood and HSC.

  9. james edwards

    Great video. Hopefully you are going to Old Dominion “The Harvard of the south”. Just kidding hope you have a good time at college and hopefully there will be good hunting around you.

  10. Royce Blackmon

    I had a notification pop up from a Ducks Unlimited app I have that said “the fastest duck ever recorded was a red breasted merganser, that topped out at 100 mph”

  11. Royce Blackmon

    I’ve killed 4 woodies(3, drakes,1 hen), ring neck, drake gadwall hbu?

  12. Royce Blackmon

    My first duck I was 8, and he was a banded wood duck from Canada

  13. Fishing Ohio

    Have you been out scouting for ducks yet I have and I’m seeing a ton of wood ducks and mallards saw a blue wing teal to which was awesome

  14. Southern Sniper

    Like your videos bro

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