My Taxidermy Collection!!!

I took a few minutes to film a video of the creatures I have mounted around my house.

Thanks for watching!

7 Responses to My Taxidermy Collection!!!

  1. Brandon Pennington

    Beautiful collection bro,I don't know why I haven't seen ur channel yet but I gotcha now

  2. peggy gaddy

    whit you live in south caralina wow (i live in south caralina to)

  3. Frugal Drew


  4. Yale Brozen

    Super diving mounts! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Appalachian Wanderer Allan

    Great mounts and thanks for sharing with us!

  6. HuntnGamecock

    Couldn't agree with you more brother. Great food and great memories. And yes, you are one lucky fella to have a wife like that. I think I'd give her a shout out in every video if I were you. Some of us aren't so lucky. I had to actually build a large building/man cave, just so I could display all of my stuff. Keep the vids coming, cause I sure enjoy watching them.

  7. Clay A.

    Wow, this was awesome. Thats quite a trophy room

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