My Strange Addiction- Dead Animal Addict

Tune in Sundays at 10|9c only on TLC, check out, | Divya has over 50 dead animals in her small Brooklyn apartment.

19 Responses to My Strange Addiction- Dead Animal Addict

  1. Smol Tomato Child

    Where the heck did she find a bobcat?!

  2. Jake pual gamer

    I'm addicted to my strange addtoins

  3. Charlotte Russell

    She just seems cool tbh

  4. Ruchelle Romano

    At least she doesn't eat them..oh the horror…

  5. Ryan Sherman

    It’s cruella de vil

  6. Ginger 56

    This is mad fucked

  7. Siera

    I wonder how vegetarian feel

  8. Phan and Phil

    Where da fuck did you find a bobcat lmao

  9. Afela Chinzah

    Why always girls?

  10. kaito chieru

    It's ART

  11. Mr.Gecko

    These are well made to be honest
    It's difficult to stuff an animal because they might look stupid.

  12. Kires Sole

    "Poke the eyeballs out", got me straight in the heart

  13. Matthew Miller

    I'd pound the wierd right out of her

  14. stacy john

    I am addicted to kissing I have to kiss my bf in every 30 mins

  15. Emily9994 aj

    Why dose she name them? O. O

  16. Lilian Black

    That is sad but at least she doesent kill them

  17. Serpent BOI Dude

    My name is Dead Bird and I am Addicted being Fashion by Divya

  18. Serpent BOI Dude

    That the Creepy Hobby she doing

  19. Day Larusso

    baby geese are called goslings
    and a baby deer is a fawn

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