My First Attempt at Taxidermy

[Any/all pronouns are welcome today~]

***This video contains content that may be disturbing or upsetting to some viewers – please don’t watch if you think this is something that will bother you***


19 Responses to My First Attempt at Taxidermy

  1. Bacon Axolotl

    Lmao why did it take me so long to figure out what the song was playing in the background(the new national anthem)

  2. Shaggy420

    For the monstrosity of styrofoam, rope, and pipecleaners insode him he looks not to horrible. Good job. Like the spooky otherworld button eyes

  3. Peter Pender

    Amazing first try!

  4. WolfieTaurus

    HI~ I'm new to your channel and I plan on watching all of your videos! I love your personality and I've always wanted to do this with dead animals, I would keep the chicken bones from when I'm done eating lol there's not many dead animals I can find where I live sadly

  5. Cracktaculus


  6. Flint Dinkersnatch

    Awesome crap-taxidermy, Craptaculus! (Have you done anything lately???)

  7. CeruleanWriter

    I'm new to your channel and love it so far. I feel bad for asking such personal questions and so many but (if you don't mind me asking) how old are you? I'm only young so may not be allowed to do it but my family is aware of my great interest in everything science, all areas of it – particularly biology. Many people will think I'm weird if I do this but I don't mind. Is it legal and allowed to do at home in the UK? Also, is it immoral? Thank you for taking the time to read this. Subscribed!

  8. Alex Lucas

    soft mounting might a good alternative for you to explore

  9. Foxy Roxy34

    He's adorable.I wanna try doing taxidermy soon I just Hoyt's get the supplies and research

  10. ~Hyenas Are Amazing~

    Hey where did you get the Methylated spirits?

  11. annarchy

    Ever since I was a kid I've been petrified of taxidermy and had panic attacks when I've been in a room with it….this was horrible for me to watch I was so grossed out I can't believe you did that!! I guess I'm trying to get over my fear haha

  12. nahomi echeverria

    Ayy pierce the veil in the background

  13. xMissTwistedx

    He looks great for your first try!
    My first try was with a mouse, his fur slipped so much and he looked so skinny haha.
    If you need any help, I've been doing taxidermy and figuring things out little tips and tricks for myself for about 3 years now, so feel free to message me on facebook if you need a hand!

  14. Lexi hunt

    oh my dog it's adorable! X3 would doing taxedermy on something that has been skinned and compleatly dried in salt be possible with this method? it's verry hardened and inside out at the moment :p

  15. Hanibowl Hani

    Dude, that is so wicked. Hubert (I don't think I spelled it right) is really cute and I love the button eyes.

  16. Torturfilm

    Good job for the first time, you could glue the tail damages and paint over it.

  17. Taylor Fleming

    Hi, Rhaveyn.
    Knowing that you were friends with "SlytherinCats" . do you know why they deleted their channel?
    I went to go catch up on their videos and when I clicked on the channel it stated that it no longer exists

  18. Ash Rivera

    That actually looks pretty good… Love it so much haha ^_^

  19. Famorvehun Tempest

    I think you did an amazing job at your first attempt, don't be so hard on yourself, he's great. 🙂

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