My creations, a new form of life | Theo Jansen Artist Theo Jansen demonstrates the amazingly lifelike kinetic sculptures he builds from plastic tubes and lemonade bottles. His creatures are designed to move — and even survive — on their own.

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20 Responses to My creations, a new form of life | Theo Jansen

  1. shiro

    este tio es lo mas parecido a dios que he visto , crea nuevos seres autonomos , es lo mejor del mundo , y con material reciclado

  2. Tom Mavrakos

    its not an animal.stop calling it that

  3. Javaman92

    240p? Seriously? Don't waste my time.

  4. fuffoon

    I saw this for my first time just yesterday and promptly went to Theo Jansen's Strandbeest website.  I was delighted to find a model kit of one of his animals and ordered two, one for me and one for my stepson who is a quite good young artist.  After I assemble mine I plan on a visit to my younger children's schools to give a small demo in hopes of inspiring a little bit of creativity and curiosity.

  5. Nicoman0126

    Sorry to tell you, but these tube mechanisms aren't organisms or life in general

  6. Akisazaki RIn

    steampunk robot life is real.

  7. Archana Sonti

    anything kinetic is not life n not animal..

  8. Taxtro

    Strandbeests will never live on their own. They will always be parasites, only capable to reproduce in humans.

  9. Oskar Nendes

    Can I like this video two times?

  10. Uganda Prezidenti Poğaçay

    çeviri için teşekkürler

  11. Ernestas Viskontas

    The binary counter blew me away; I was not expecting any internal representation of the world.

  12. fedoracore321

    Intelligent design

  13. Isaiah Phillip

    Okay stop calling this evolution, it's just going to confuse creationists.

  14. Marijke Gussenhoven

    Just Magnificent!

  15. everybread

    Fantástico! <3

  16. Sebastian Ferguson

    imagine a trollycart made using this technology. Store bottles of air and just let them run one way down the road

  17. Jacob Becomes Israel

    This is how dull the "evolutionists" are. They refer to a created "creature" as having evolved. Perhaps they are finally admitting that in fact all life has been created, just like this one.

  18. Francesco Perilli

    absolutely love this dreemer…. magician.. artist..

  19. Cody Martinson

    Umm… Maybe it can move and respond to change and all that, but it can't reproduce or repair itself. It is not a life form or an animal. It is merely a very simple plastic robot that doesn't run on electricity. It doesn't even do anything. It might as well use solar panels, traditional motors, and wheels. The mechanism is very romantic and inspiring, but it cannot fulfill its purpose.

  20. Ruby Jean

    Its alive! Amazing!

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