Mouse Taxidermy Tutorial by Le Heart Design

How to make a professional-looking anthropomorphic taxidermy mouse, step by step. Please don’t watch if it upsets you. I use frozen feeder mice and donate the bodies to my local Wildcare center, if it makes any difference.

• You’ll find frozen feeder mice at most pet shops that sell reptiles and other live animals. I use the size “Large Adult”.

You can find most of the supplies at any Craft store, like Michaels.

• A little bit of Super Sculpey (If you don’t want to buy the big box, any white or flesh-colored polymer clay will do.
• Two black beads 6/0 size E for the eyes
• A sewing needle, smallish
• White sewing thread
• White foam from the flower arrangement section of the craft store
• A coarse rasp
• Sand paper
• A little bit of Borax, from the detergent section of the supermarket
• An X-Acto knife, with a spare blade
• Tweezers
• Needle nose pliers
• Snips
• An acid brush, or soft toothbrush
• Wire (gauge 20 for the legs, 24 for the arms and neck, even thinner for the tail)
• Tiny bit of Polyester fill for the tail
• Flat piece of wood with two holes for the feet

I’m happy to answer questions, just leave them in the comment section.

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19 Responses to Mouse Taxidermy Tutorial by Le Heart Design

  1. Colin Chilibeck

    I have no idea how I got here but the ending killed me! :'D Those costumes!
    Great video btw.

  2. Isaac Collard

    I don't know why I'm watching this, but it's pretty cool.

  3. TheCoolOnesFirst 101

    Does he mice rot?

  4. Sarah Carpenter

    could I use tiny house mice? My dad killed a few of them and I would love to "bring them back to life". They're frozen right now in case, should I defrost before working(if I can use them)?

  5. Kassu The Killer

    If someone could answer even 2 years late… Do I really need to use Borax or would like… salt be enough? Because salt dries things too right? I´m just not able to get Borax so if there´s anything else that can be used let me know please 🙂

  6. 베리김

    Woah this is creepy but cool

  7. BFproductions

    gross but cool

    i think

  8. Charlie Reddick

    Oh my gosh this is incredible!!!!!

  9. scorpion 5150

    Yea um this is weird I like it

  10. Werewolf Guy72

    Dinner for schmucks

  11. criscavi19

    Very nice! thanks.

  12. Jacob Riches

    Is that epe foam or just polystyrene?

  13. Vibe Mind

    Hello, Great video! I was wondering, should you leave the pelt wth salt/borax for a day or so or do you just put it on then stuff. Thanks again~**

  14. Zuno Vågshaug

    Thank you so much for making this great step by step tutorial. this seems very easy to follow! I just recently started breeding feeder mice. The father died of natural causes, most likely old age (I got him a year ago, unknown age at the time 😉 ) I don't feel safe feeding him since I can't know for sure, but I popped him in the freezer within minutes after death as I hadn't decided yet. He died naturally in my hand. I don't feel safe feeding him, and I don't want him to go to waste either, so I think I'll try this! Not to worry, I know you shouldn't do pets, they will always look "wrong" cause you can't make them perfect. Making him in this anthro style will be so different that it should be OK =)

  15. Jacob Dwos

    Thanks this was very helpful

  16. Leopard Queen

    This is beautiful omg

  17. NightbaneWolf

    Hi, how do you make a soft mount with a mouse? and is it possible to keep the head soft like plush or not?

  18. Roger Doger

    So only Borax,nothing else to preserve the hide ?

  19. Emily None

    Is there any way to preserve the skull?

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