mounting a walleye skin mount fish taxidermy fishstuffer

mounting a skin mount walleye using a hand carved urethane foam body fishstuffer

13 Responses to mounting a walleye skin mount fish taxidermy fishstuffer

  1. Nature Luver

    Could you please tell me what name is the hide paste you are using ? Does it react with borax ?  Great job on that walleye .

  2. country boy flogs

    damn your good

  3. Chucks Channel

    hos long do you soak it in your borax mixture and how many cups per gallon? ty

  4. SAMBO

    awesome video man wish I new how to do that

  5. Nicholas R Glorioso

    Excellent Video!! well done!! I have used fish tan to tan my skins from Mckenzie Supply. Do you recommend a special solution to tan your skins? That walleye skin looks exceptional! Look forward to your response and enjoy watching your videos

  6. Knight Rider

    can you do that to my ex wife?

  7. Trent Hines

    nice work looks great

  8. fullstrutn

    I am amazed at how CLEAN you were able to skin the fish out without lots of flesh hanging on it. Good job,hope you saved the filets!!!

  9. Carlo Mandras

    Nice video.. very informative.. May I ask something? What are the tools you used in doing this? What are the steps and the chemicals you used? I hope you will respond to my comment.. I would really like to do this..

  10. bluwave79

    wow, that's a great process but you should show us the final product !! 

  11. Alyssa

    Omg…… I thought it was chocolate…..

  12. filip hugo

    This technique looks pretty easy I think I will try it

  13. lawrence carr

    Excellent Videos Only wish You'd Made One On Finishing It And Painting It 

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