Mounting a Brooktrout: PART 1

Here are the steps to mounting a fish with an artifical head, and a carved foam body. More videos to come as they are performed and completed…

13 Responses to Mounting a Brooktrout: PART 1

  1. museum taxidermist

    nice work, to comment on the person below,  since the fish will be painted it doesn't matter about the color or pattern on either side of the fish


    Who’s watching this in 2017

  3. cameron minson

    the other side of the fish would have looked a lot better in regards to color and pattern.

  4. StormLaker1975

    Always wondered how such fine skinned fish as trout were done. Neat video, beautiful fish:-)

  5. Bae Dra

    nice thanks user

  6. doug sanders

    very interesting imformation,could lose the back ground hillbilly music though

  7. Sandstorm9562

    3:32 slipped and slit the tail fin didn't you?

  8. BigWater59

    Taxidermist are by far the true artist of nature. Awesome video thanks

  9. Brandon Car

    yes you can eat the meat

  10. amphithere01

    Wats fish tan formula?

  11. Zach Gnatkowski

    I have the same knife

  12. TheTroutfisherman123

    hey as a question on these fish can you possibly eat any of the meat ?


    Nice work and thanks for posting. What kind of foam did you use for the manikin?

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