Mounting a Black Bass – Prt. 1 of 2.

Warning – Taxidermy film. Please do not watch and then later complain if this subject is sensitive to you! This film shows the traditional simple way to use inexpensive materials to mount a fish. In this part I show, step by step, how to skin, clean, preserve and mount the fish. In my next film I will show completing the fins and painting. I do not pretend to be a professional taxidermist, only a hobbyist willing to share the skills that I have been taught that are proven and do last! Skills that may enable you to have the pleasure in, successfully, mounting your own catch within a sensible budget and with basic skills and materials.

One Response to Mounting a Black Bass – Prt. 1 of 2.

  1. Raggy Ragsdale

    GREAT job! The meat around the eyes is some FINE Eating when you're focusing on cooking and not mounting …. And fried row is Amazing! The paint job on the eye is amazing….. This is a Super vid! Raggy

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