Mounting a Barn Owl – Taxidermy

As usual, please do not watch this film if you are sensitive to such material. I cannot be sympathetic if you do. In this film I have found a “roadkill” Barn Owl and mount it in the simple old traditional way using cheap easily purchased materials. It shows every step to enable you to do so yourself if you ever wish to. I do very little taxidermy, do not consider myself a pro, but it does link in with all of my other interests in natural history and wildlife and does give respectable results.

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  1. Bonie Bunny


  2. let's go hawking

    Thank you for both of your taxidermy tutorials, it helped me so much and I got somewhat good results and I will definitely look back at your videos for information since you seem to have almost perfected your method

  3. Chernz

    Great tutorial! I'm going to try my first specimen very soon –
    Few questions:
    1) How long out of the freezer does it take a bird this size to completely thaw? (I know this one wasn't frozen but mine is)
    2) Can I salvage a less than fresh specimen? I have one bird that I found not rotting rotting but a little stinky. It's whole and everything but it was baking a bit in the sun before I got to it. Any chance I can still skin and use?
    3) I'm using specimens for education so I won't be mounting them but hopefully prepping them more like museum specimens with their wings folded. I won't be using foam – do you think I could fill body cavity and pack the skull with cotton instead?
    Thank you!

  4. Vincent Vargas

    Wow! I always wanted to learn how taxidermy birds when i was a young man. Maybe i will try it out soon.

  5. Eccentric Detectorist's

    You Sir are a God Damn GENIUS & ARTIST!!!! Well done mate. Cheers from the united States of America Silverton Oregon.

  6. Tanner Ross

    Great video Peter! I found a snowy owl in Saskatchewan Canada. That I plan on mounting I thought I might pay someone to have it done as I am new to taxidermy and this will be my first mount. After searching around the area the cheapest I could find someone to do it for was $420 CA! Needless to say I was be giving this a shot and I think your video was and will be extremely helpful so thanks for posting! There are some steps that I need to follow in order to mount my owl legally. I have to take it in to the local game warden for inspection to make sure the protected bird wasn’t shot as a result of its death before I can buy a permit to have tags issued which have to be placed on the mount. And for some reason it is illegal to sell the mount. I’m not sure how it died but I think being -45 C may have had something to do with it. I was wondering where you purchased your eyes from? I think I would like to have some yellow eyes in there they would look great! Again great work! I was amazed how fast you had your bird processed and how great it turned out!

  7. Drake likes Weird Things

    Is there something that can be used instead of fiberglass? Too itchy for me!

  8. Sean Diamond

    Great video and presentation that has inspired me to try taxidermy

  9. Joshua Penny

    I hit a barn owl last night breaking my side mirror upside is I guess I got a nice little project on my hands lol

  10. salt and soot

    they realy do look small once all their feathers are off

  11. Tanner Streeter

    Great tutorial! Very helpful to me. I was just given an owl that was also struck by a vehicle, and I was asked to preserve it through taxidermy. I'm a new taxidermist and this is my first bird mount. I was wondering, would salt work the same way as the borax or would I be better off purchasing borax for the job?

  12. MrSqueamishJam

    I love this video, I have my fingers crossed in hopes you may do another bird soon. Does this process translate to smaller birds such as a sparrow?

  13. Caleb Reimer

    So after you had mounted the owl the feathers still looked a little mangled. But in the finishing pictures they were alot cleaner. Just wondering if there is another video or if you could explain how you cleaned it up yet to acheive what the photos look like

  14. Dan The Harley Man

    Just curious one is that a wire cloths hanger? And two how long did you dry it a few days or what

  15. Emma Willats

    Do you find any issues with not fleshing the skin or washing the grease off?

  16. Hudson Knitter

    Fantastic tutorial!

  17. PrancingVine AJ

    do you eat the meat afterwards?

  18. Jean Myers

    such a great job and i am so happy you use roadkill that is how i started and still do swore off birds early this year but you make me think try again thank you for such a nice how to do it video thank you so much for sharing

  19. Danny K

    Great video!! What size eyes did you use??

  20. Livi Durk

    i have a question ….i got a primed duck wing and its closed…is there a way to open it with steam or something like that

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