Mounted in Alaska: Taxidermy 101 | History

What is taxidermy? Get the details from the experts at Knight’s Taxidermy.

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6 Responses to Mounted in Alaska: Taxidermy 101 | History

  1. Soup

    I wanna stuff that beaver!!

  2. Lizabeth Floyd

    taxidermy is actually really freaking cool.
    i hunt and we stuff alot of our big kills

  3. Saartje05

    People who like animals being stuffed are totally sick in their brains. It´s disgusting.

  4. FrancoBT3Gene

    I only came here to see Chuck Testa comments

  5. dam79

    @sayrith it's Chuck Testa xD

  6. laughingcrows

    Taxidermy? You guys are almost out of ideas, aren't ya?

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