Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – All Animal Locations (Conservation Trophy / Achievement)

There are 47 Wild Animals in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Finding all of them unlocks the “Conservation” trophy / achievement.
Before doing this you must fully upgrade the Capture Cage to grade 4! There are three ways to extract wild animals. The one you’ll use the most is the capture cage. It randomly catches animals that live around the area where you placed the cage. The second tactic you’ll use quite a bit is Fulton extracting them (for bigger animals). And the third option is to stun and pick up smaller animals that cannot be fulton extracted.

The golden rule for capture cages: Place all 8 of them in a circle next to each other and immediately leave the area via helicopter. When you begin at the landing zone, always call back the helicopter right away so you don’t have to wait later. Do NOT go back to the ACC via the pause menu! You must extract via the helicopter so that the cages will capture animals.
Most animals have very specific and small habitats. Knowing those locations is the key to capturing them. This does, however, not always guarantee you capture the animal you want. Rarer animals may take a few tries to capture. If you don’t get the animal you’re looking for, simply return to the ACC and come back for another try.

None of the animals are missable. You can still get everything after the story and side ops are complete. You can always keep track of your progress in the iDroid under “Mother Base” – “Database” – “Encyclopedia” – “Wild Animals”.


#1 – Gerbil – 0:05
#2 – Long-eared Hedgehog – 0:35
#3 – Four-toed Hedgehog – 1:05
#4 – Afghan Pika – 1:44
#5 – Common Raven – 2:17
#6 – Trumpeter Hornbill – 2:54
#7 – Black Stork – 3:25
#8 – Oriental Stork – 3:56
#9 – Jehuty – 4:55
#10 – Griffon Vulture – 6:02
#11 – Lappet-faced Vulture – 6:43
#12 – Martial Eagle – 7:33
#13 – Karakul Sheep – 8:08
#14 – Cashmere Goat – 9:00
#15 – Nubian – 9:44
#16 – Boer Goat – 10:35
#17 – Wild Ass – 11:14
#18 – Grant’s Zebra – 11:54
#19 – Okapi – 12:35
#20 – Gray Wolf – 13:19
#21 – African Wild Dog – 14:08
#22 – Side-striped Jackal – 14:50
#23 – Anubis – 15:26
#24 – Brown Bear – 16:22
#25 – Himalayan Brown Bear – 17:19
#26 – Deathstalker – 18:47
#27 – Emperor Scorpion – 19:21
#28 – Oriental Ratsnake – 19:55
#29 – Black Mamba – 20:29
#30 – Tsuchinoko – 21:00
#31 – Rainbow Agama – 21:37
#32 – Namaqua Chameleon – 22:10
#33 – Leopard Gecko – 22:40
#34 – African Fat-tailed Gecko – 23:14
#35 – African Bullfrog – 23:49
#36 – Russian Tortoise – 24:25
#37 – Leopard Tortoise – 25:01
#38 – Bechstein’s Bat – 26:15
#39 – Rock Hyrax – 26:50
#40 – Tree Pangolin – 27:24
#41 – Sand Cat – 27:55
#42 – Caracal – 28:28
#43 – African Civet – 29:01
#44 – Marsh Mongoose – 29:30
#45 – Red Fox – 30:01
#46 – Blanford’s Fox – 30:29
#47 – Honey Badger – 31:02


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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Trophies and Achievements:

Completed a mission using a Combat Unit staff member.

Completed all missions.

Completed all mission tasks.

Completed all missions with an S rank.

Completed a SIDE OP.

Completed all “Mine Clearing” SIDE OPS.

Completed all SIDE OPS.

Completed all key Dispatch Missions.

Played an “Infiltration” FOB mission.

Cry Havoc
Made D-Dog available for deployment.

Made Quiet available for deployment.

Trusty Steed
Raised bond with D-Horse to the maximum.

Man’s Best Friend
Raised bond with D-Dog to the maximum.

War Buddy
Raised bond with Quiet to the maximum.

Fulton extracted an enemy soldier.

Interrogated an enemy soldier.

To The Rescue
Extracted a female prisoner.

Increased Mother Base staff to 50 or more personnel.

Increased Mother Base staff to 250 or more personnel.

Raised all Teams/Units to level 99.

Developed 50 or more development items.

Developed 100 or more development items.

Locked and Loaded
Developed 300 or more development items.

Constructed all available platforms for Mother Base.

Developed a nuclear weapon.

Disposed of a nuclear weapon.

Earned a total of 10,000,000 GMP or more.

Extracted all wild animal species.

Obtained all blueprints and key items.

Obtained all memento photos.

Obtained the codename “Hero.”

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  1. Kotik Kek

    Very BIG thx!! The Best Guide!

  2. Ghost

    Diamond Gerbils

  3. MassiveGat - Gaming

    I found the Leopard Tortoise downriver from the mansion where you extract Code Talker. About the halfway mark before the broken bridge

  4. Septrine

    Help.. I have all 47 animals , but in my menu it's writed 40/47 (i have no "???") , i don't have my trophy.. someone can help ?

  5. Brennen Cox

    Thank you.
    While a simple response, I'm sure you understand.

  6. That guy

    There's a Leopard Tortoise point at the LZ south of Mfinda Oilfield. I placed a ring of traps using the point between Pequod's front wheels as the center and got it first try.

  7. Fingers Crossed

    I didn’t get the trophy after completing side op 50! I had DD fulton the jackal for me! any chance I can still get the trophy with out another play through?

  8. Bosco

    Thx man, this guide definetly helped a lot.

    PS.: only one i couldnt get following ur guide, was the leopard tortoise. I got mines south of Code Talker Mansion as sujested by ppl in the comment section

  9. The5thbandit Yep

    Omg lol I got 8 tsuchiniko at once hahah thx

  10. Apenas uma pessoa Qualquer

    Gotta catch 'em all

  11. Iole Calvigioni

    Such a lust for Cages GERBILS!!!!!!

  12. hi hi

    a lot of them are fucking wrong

  13. Tatsuma736

    5:44 what’s that suit how do I get it

  14. FlickFlag Productions

    Got the trophy thanks to your guide!

  15. TheFlyinSquirrel

    Honey badger says Afghanistan but is shown in Africa. Great work as always though pyx, you're a lifesaver.

  16. Jack Corpening

    "Good news Kaz, I caught 8 more gerbils" "THIS IS WHY YOU'RE THE BEST BOSS THE ONE AND ONLY"

  17. ghost

    Did anyone do this in one go

  18. DerWilly96

    In case you don't get any Blanford's Fox' at the shown position, try this video, i got all cages full of them

  19. Anarquía y Libertad

    Lot of thanks!

  20. The Mean Arena

    OK so this games landscape is pretty huge. What gives an indication of having to set these traps in these specific areas? Is anything communicated to the player or is it just place cages in random spots until you find them? Without a guide, I see this being like finding a needle in 100 haystacks.

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