Meshuggah – Perpetual Black Second

An awesome song that was definitely missing from the Youtube library. High quality. Enjoy!

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20 Responses to Meshuggah – Perpetual Black Second


    Dude the drum pattern from 0:521:56 is so hard to figure out. Its all about that bass drum placement…ridiculously cool.

  2. martin ratcliffe

    2:50 is is one of those segments that make you know why this band is called Meshuggah.



  4. micah byce

    Those that do not comprehend polyrythmics Can't possibly respect this kind of music and Its choatic buauty and genius. For among chaos is found the greatest of order and complexness in mathematics. One that only a few can see. This is also illustrated by the universe and how choas somehow brought order to life. Many have speculated, but what if it was just chaos? Man came from the happening chance of the universe and it's infinite vastness has givin just the right number of circumstances to create life. We can try to explain it by science but the more we know the more we realize what we don't.

  5. brian village

    Meshuggah puts things into perspective.

  6. Dave Torres

    This is arguably my favorite Meshuggah song

  7. Chris Hagy

    This song and 'corridor of chameleons' are 2 of my faves.

  8. Brandon Moore

    When Nothing was first released it took me a second to figure out wtf was going on in this song. All hail Meshuggah!!!

  9. Kim Koo Seong
  10. Isaac K

    Amazing lyrics!

  11. JohnnyBlade2588

    This album always blows my mind anytime I listen to it. Fucking amazing!!

  12. Fred France

    Years have gone by and I have adapted to the head trauma this band has given me. I may not make it through this playlist. 'Loop on' goodbye all.

  13. HeavilyArmedTrashPanda

    Pure, epic and merciless deliverance. Holy fucking shit!! This stuff slays everything..

  14. B-Money 666

    2:503:16 makes me feel as if I'm being chased by a swarm of bees.

  15. christophe bouin

    visit this new blog, if you have the courage!

  16. arnett23 Me

    1:57 awesome riff

  17. Chris Hagy

    I saw MESHUGGAH 15 years ago when they toured with Tool. Back then I didn't know who they were, but I've been keeping track of them ever since, and they're definitely one of my favorite bands now. Thanx 4 posting!

  18. arslan7575

    Bune amk ruh hastasımısınız ben bunu iki üç kere dinlesem intihar ederim aq bune

  19. Julio Carvajal

    This song is fucking brutal m/

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