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ViaGen Pets is the leader in pet cloning and pet genetic preservation. For more information, please visit us at

That freezing will damage the tissues. So, I hate to get calls when people tell me that the body’s been frozen. Because usually in that situation there’s nothing we can do. So refrigerating the body is really the key here.

Biopsies should be taken by the veterinarian as soon as possible after the pet has passed. And they need to be received by our lab at ViaGen Pets within five days. Now, we have emergency instructions on our website so if your pet passes away and the pet parent doesn’t know what to do they can go to our website, click on the emergency tab, and there are step-by-step instructions that are very simple that they can provide those to their veterinarian.

And that informs the veterinarian of what to do. How to take a biopsy sample and how to ship those samples to us in an emergency situation like this.

That is so cool that you have that on the website. It’s the emergency tab over at Let me spell that for you–it’s V-I-A-G-E-N-P-E-T-S dot com and of course links to everything you’ve heard on today’s show over at

If someone wants to talk to you in person Melain, can they call you?

Absolutely, I’d love to give them a call. If they’ve got questions, any sort of questions they have, I’m happy to talk with them. They can contact me directly by calling our main number. That’s 888-876-6104 or they can visit our website. Again, it’s

Great website. Check it out. Melain Rodriguez, she is the client services manager at ViaGen Pets.

Thanks so much. We’ll talk to you again soon.

Great. Thank you. Bye bye.

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