Penelope (Classic Ball Python)
Monty (Amel Stripe Corn Snake)
Pissy (Western Hognose Snake)
Rouge (Honduran Milk Snake)
Elvira (Spinner Ball Python)
Zeus (Rainwater het Murphy Patternless Leopard Gecko)
Hera (Hypo Leopard Gecko)
Elvarg (Bearded Dragon)
Bella (Boa imperator)

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Andrew Schmidt, Ari Almeida.

18 Responses to MEET all my PET REPTILES !!!

  1. Ali Eran Ayberkin

    May the fourth be with you Zeus

    Cuz that’s his birthday

  2. ILikeZulrah

    Dragon slayer bearded dragon lel

  3. Kaleb Martinez

    Pisy is so cute

  4. Nathan Full

    Pissy is a wantabe

  5. Seattle Guy

    Pissy deserves his own playlist

  6. Archie Graham

    Can you breath different snakes

  7. TavRic Nitram

    besides elvarg I just cant get used to any other of his pets. . . I just get the goosebumps, Could never be in his house D:

  8. Leina Nightray

    14:04 BLEP

  9. sundaekyo

    Pissy = me on my period

  10. Zazzinator

    Half the comments are about Pissy XD


  11. Andrew Piccoli

    Pissy is my type of pet.

  12. OwensGodly X0

    My milk snake is red white and black and is named Milky ❤️

  13. Bacon Kitty

    Do more vids on snakes!!

  14. David Linville
  15. Bacon Kitty

    I want a ball python

  16. Kayla Kine

    Pissy is a funny snake. Lol

  17. Kayla Kine

    Pissy is my favorite snake

  18. Sir Klumpatsch

    Pissy's hisses made me really sad because she sounds EXACTLY like my deceased cat's sneezes…

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