Medical Museum : anatomical collections of bones : preserved human organs

Medical Museum in US showing preserved human organs and anatomical collections of bones. Video by voanews

18 Responses to Medical Museum : anatomical collections of bones : preserved human organs

  1. Shellby Barajas

    Who would allow their babies to be put in a museum.

  2. Mathea Münster

    ungrateful people in the comments talking about how these bodies should “be at peace” instead of being “collected”, just so you know, those dead bodies were donated to science to help prevent other illnesses etc. you should be grateful that their parents donated their bodies, because those bodies and skeletons can help other people gain more knowledge and therefore help other people.

  3. Marisol Calderon

    the fellow that talks sounds like the one talking on the "one Voice" C'D is that right?

  4. Nigina Khalimova

    Is it a real

  5. Slush And Ice


  6. Justice 4All

    Those conjoined twins were stitched together. Just like the Nazi "Drs" did in Germany. They weren't born that way. The smaller baby in the middle jar was an ivf baby from India that Scientist mixed the embryo with frog DNA. They've been mixing human and animal DNA for decades. The medical advances are cool but there is a real evil to some of this and back stories they will never tell you

  7. Natania Smith

    Are they real? Cause this is fucked up

  8. Laura Bunny

    are they real babies?

  9. youichizseiei

    i wish i could go there 🙁

  10. D4rkness Gaming YT


  11. Jennifer Bata

    What the he'll is this shit!!!! Please stop! Not God fearing! Stop!

  12. Scott Lawton

    So many organs on display but not one piano

  13. Hookuh Jones

    No joke burry those babies.

  14. terrie alexander

    computers can do this.

  15. terrie alexander

    keep paying the med plan

  16. Sweet Haya

    What's this.

  17. MacyLouWho

    When I look at these parts/bodies, it makes me think of how human they are and that it could be you or me (or one of our children) on display like some sort of freak show. Yes they help medical science learn how to correct medical conditions, obviously-but the average viewer at this place is not a doctor or studying to be one. The average viewer is a gawker, looking at what essentially is a freak show and they think it’s cool not because of science-but because it’s horror and gross. If we’re being honest here-that’s basically what this is for most people-a freak show for kicks. It seems disrespectful to put human bodies on display for amusement more than anything and to make money off visiting viewers to the museum. And those poor babies, ugh. So hard to look at like that. Poor little souls. The mother in me went “whaaaaat? Oh my god, why?” Hard to bear and they aren’t even mine.

  18. Indangered Scholar434

    I'd loose my appetite for a YEAR if I went in that museum

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