MapleStory 2 Pet Capturing Guide and Locations (Perpetually Updated, Read Description)

Location – Pets

Search the map for location to go to them, and then pick up all the white-blue dots on the map (those are pets). Cheers 🙂

Barrota Shore – Twingo, Koborc
North Royal Road – Boar, Woodi
Crooked Canyon – Moon Bear, Lupin
Royal Road Plaza – Red Snail
Sylvan Woods Trail – Slime, Stump
Fairy Tree Lake – Slime, Cerbe, Homegrown Mushroom
Boulderwhite Mountains – Tree Sprite, Birk
Kerning Junkyard – Contaminated Gelime
Beachway 111 – Birk
Revoldic Dam – Homegrown Mushroom, Stump, Cerbe
Igloo Hill – Frost Fang

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