MAN CAVE OFF GRID~Fish Taxidermy With Mr Hilder

Fish mounting is a craft. Mr Hilders expertise in the area of taxidermy really is reflected in the work he produces.
Thirty five plus years running his own professional studio serving customers from all lover the USA he now finds a more relaxed pace off the grid
BUT he also applies all of that knowledge to his off grid lifestyle and still finds ALL of his valuable skill applicable and useful!

. Knowing some basic skill in taxidermy such as tanning your own skins, skinning fish or animal, even performing basic mounting techniques such as sewing of a hide, grooming it, all can be SKILLS that are usable off the grid.
Sewing up a deer mount? YES! Sewing is a skill you should know and its used in taxidermy! Skinning out a FISH? YES, if you fish this taxidermy SKILL is GREAT to know since it teaches you properly take the MEAT out of the fish..all of it! No waste!
So in this video Mr Hilder is walking us thru how he mounts a fish. Basic steps with alot of knowledge and skill. But fascinating to WATCH and learn!

Perhaps the next time you look at a fish mount you will SEe s something different!

~ Starry made t his video before the accident!
BUT rest assured she is healing EVEN better..all of your prayers are doing wonders for her!
Bless you!

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19 Responses to MAN CAVE OFF GRID~Fish Taxidermy With Mr Hilder

  1. Chad Peterson

    Best I've ever seen in Wisconsin we miss him

  2. tmcc425

    At around 5:30 did anyone else actually smell raw fish? I did..

  3. The_CactusExperience

    Do you eat the cheeks? They're delicious! They have their own taste. Walleye nuggets!

  4. Leslie Sadler

    We love you starry and we do need more time with Mr. Hilter.

  5. Ram2

    Fantastic Video Mr Hilder. You sir are a many with much talent. I would love to spend some time with You and learn some of the fantastic skills you have perfected over many years. A man with your passion would make a fantastic teacher. You should consider  getting an apprentice lol

  6. Lacy Rolfson

    loved the video was neat to see how its done I will be having my first deer done this year.

  7. zen moto

    you and mr hilder compliment one another. nice couple

  8. Dawn Rogers

    You two are adorable!

  9. Sarah Brown

    Great vid! Hey Starry, can you please do a vid on how you and Mr. Hilder met? Only if you feel comfortable to. No pressure. Stay blessed and we're praying for a speedy recovery. Much Love.

  10. Jen Goods

    Great video mr Hilder, you should do more videos

  11. Just Believe

    Great work interesting,Starry praying for you hope all is going well.

  12. abbie fultz

    awesome! love to see more videos of Mr. hilder and tanning and taxidermy for sure.

  13. bihbgm

    Thank you for the video. The old ways are tried and true. You do some excellent work! I like the stories from your life they make the skills extra special!

  14. Dora Scott

    And he is cute…Good going…

  15. Traci Perdue

    My dad caught a trophy stripper Bass that my uncle wanted him to mount, but he wouldn't. We ate it. I wish he did. This video was cool. Thanks and Have a blessed day!!!

  16. Jerry

    You guys are awesome and seem really happy. Thank you for your just as awesome videos

  17. Linda Moses

    He is a sculptor.

  18. Todd Vance

    Awesome!, Just awesome……….

  19. Cody Yarbrough

    Very cool video.

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