Make Non Stop Heron’s Fountain With Plastic Bottle

Make Non Stop Heron’s Fountain With Plastic Bottle .
( Non Stop Water Fountain )Heron’s Fountain Three Bottle Fountain .
Heron’s Fountain Three Bottle Fountain .

For this experiment you need 3 empty coca cola bottle or any other plastic bottles, 3 drinking straw and some water. Just follow

instruction in this video and you make amazing Heron’s Fountain! (fountain colorado / the water fountain store)

Really awesome decorative outdoor fountains . and incredible science experiments with water 3 – three plastic bottle and drinking straw .
you can make it for your science experiments fair or science project .

Watch the full tutorial and do it yourself , DIY.

**** How To Build A Tabletop Water Fountain! ***

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16 Responses to Make Non Stop Heron’s Fountain With Plastic Bottle

  1. philipa366

    Someone will going to steal your idea and make it theirs and make money from it. Like what the Filipino has invented, the light from a soda plastic. This is genius !

  2. Ákos Óvári

    Fake it's not real

  3. Tiny Toons

    It is wrong

  4. Urdu Academy Jakarta

    Can you help me, I am in problem. Here is heavy rain and my house getting full with water. My house is step down than street. How can I follow water down to up. Please. You can whatsapp me if have idea. Or comments here.

  5. vicky khatri

    nice idea for kids

  6. Gangareddy Balusani

    Super wonder excellent

  7. كوكتيل حول العالم

    Subscribe to the channel please

  8. ROBOTIC 1

    SEMI HIGH PRODUCTIONS i bless u for ur high iq

  9. ROBOTIC 1

    can we use 10 rupees coco cola bottle ?


    It's great….i have also make this types of gadget

  11. Vasil Siddiqui

    What is this music name???

  12. Anything and Everything

    I made it but it stops when the bottle which is down fills till the straw

  13. Robert Kattner

    bullshit baffels brains!

  14. prabhas fans

    Needed subscribers juz subscribe to my channel

  15. Tanya jahangir

    pani bahar gir raha hai

  16. Nanett Pool

    What an ugly mess.

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