Make Non Stop Heron’s Fountain With Plastic Bottle

Make Non Stop Heron’s Fountain With Plastic Bottle

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18 Responses to Make Non Stop Heron’s Fountain With Plastic Bottle

  1. Mr Ayaz

    New video on Mr Novruz

  2. RR67890

    amazing. It only works if you can't see the whole thing at once. How does it know???

  3. Darth Informus

    Watch the reflections in the bottle. Both times he lifts it up to show there is nothing under it, then pans to the top, the video is stopped then started again before he pours water in to make it "work". Ooooooooooold camera trick to hide connecting a pump under the whole contraption. Lame.

  4. dacrow3

    In this video, the creator tries to tell everybody that he is not speaking any human language or myb he is a mute, or myb we all had just presumed deaf.

  5. manop yangyuen

    it not real why you not show the middle and below bottle what happen it fucken facke

  6. Chad Cano

    stop tapping finger in the botle… my country it means "wanna fuck me!hahahahha!anyway"it sucks!its only running for couple of minutes in then stop……

  7. Paul Atreide

    The system constantly grab more h2o molecule from ambiant air, its basically a free water producing…and free energy.

  8. Greg Mosley

    Try using surgical tubing, rubber grommets, and glass bottles and perhaps you would have a higher quality seat and aesthetic.

  9. terre tulsiak

    Would it be feasible to connect to a constant source of water- say a slow dripping (leaking) faucet or an A/C condensate line? If so, could you feed it in at the bottom?

  10. druidboy76

    Lies. There is no such thing as non stop. It WILL reach equilibrium. Downvoted

  11. Tech's Science

    It's great but not perpectual

  12. Greg Wolking

    Down-voted because your title is a lie. This is not a "non-stop" device. That's physically impossible. This would be obvious if you ever showed the entire device while it's running (and until it stops on its own) which, of course, you don't. For this video, at least, this makes you appear to be both a liar and a fraud. To be fair, you did do a good job showing how you built the device, but that's completely overshadowed by the bullshit about it being "non-stop".

    Also, godawful annoying techno music, but that's a matter of personal taste.

    Finally, no captions to explain what you're doing or how the device actually works. Is this because you don't speak or write English well enough (which is completely understandable — not meant to be an insult), or are you just lazy?

  13. R sampath

    Its fake i do this experiment on my school

  14. Mevlüt Ünal

    Kime yazayım?
    Mr. Ayaz 😀

  15. Peter Aremone

    Non Stop BULLSHIT

  16. сЕРЕГА Серегин

    Сообщение двух сосудов.Учите физику,мать вашу…Дизлайк за обман.

  17. En gulmeli Tv

    Turk yokmu aq

  18. NTDTV

    Hi Mr Ayaz, it's Kadhir from NTD Television ( Your videos are great, we totally love it:

    and others. Our mission is to uplift the world through sharing Truth, Hope and Humanity. We would like to upload it on our websites and pages with full credit and wanted to give you more details. Please drop me an email at if you are the copyright owner. Thank you very much 🙂

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