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20 Responses to LOOT FROM PET GRIND!

  1. Level 126


  2. scoldingwhisper

    wtf that clue tho

  3. yung lit

    ugh this makes me wanna play so bad

  4. William Shakespeare


  5. Jim Cole

    obviously first guy should change his elly offer after this, then again… i got an offer in for *0.000.000 after seeing that 50k elly buy 😀

  6. GoldSoulRepublic

    my ely offer is in for 100m gl m8

  7. MrLPWatcher1000

    Noooooooooooooo…… the price cheeeeeckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 🙁

  8. Ya Boy

    Last clip loot was 668k since sparc mac lacks the intelligence to leave that part in.

  9. Sharn Scott

    I bought a Ely for 1000001gp last week lol!

  10. ali yalcin

    at the last clip i wanted to know hm them all worth!!!!!!!!!!

  11. TJs_Broadcasting

    Is that last guy Owen Wilson?

  12. Nikodem Piechotka

    Daniel omg, he stole my clue luck : (

  13. Aizen Tank

    meanwhile people getting 50k loot from elite clue's

  14. semih279

    black screen on this vid?

  15. SFX

    From now in every intro of urs say "wassaaaaa" instead of ur old typical words.

  16. Jacky Vang

    Better type in all caps when runescape doesn't let you spam capital letters xD

  17. NeverUndone

    Sparc why didn't you feature my reward of the shittiest easy clue ever in this vid? 🙁

  18. joey bland

    please use this intro all the time it's great lol

  19. Trixrocks

    That's the best easy ever wtf.

  20. andrew evans

    that was sick clue reward tbh..

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