Lion Sees His Adoptive Dad After 7 Years – Truly Heart-warming

Lion Sees His Adopted Dad After 7 Years!

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Hello! Welcome to Lion Sees His Adopted Dad After 7 Years! In this video you will see a Top 5 of Animals seeing their owners in a long time. Some animals going missing in their lifetime, this means they are away from their owners for a period of time. Well, in this video you will see clips of animals ranging from lions, cats and dogs all seeing their original owner after a period time. In this video you will see a crazy clip of a man who sees his pet lion after 7 years of being separated. It is truly heart warming!

1. Cats Meet Their Owner After Long Time
2. Dog hasn’t seen his owner in over a month
3. Dog going crazy when he see his owner after 3 years
4. Woman adopted 2 lion cubs but had to give them up – Here’s what happened visiting them 7 years later
5. Lion Sees His Adoptive Father After 7 Years!!!


17 Responses to Lion Sees His Adoptive Dad After 7 Years – Truly Heart-warming

  1. TopRealm

    Lion reunites with adopted parents after a year – Truly Emotional!

  2. J. Bourne

    why dont you shut the fcuk up

  3. Rob Ryan

    The huge numbers in dead center of fukkkkn screen. Genius!!!! Idiot

  4. Gerald Gerald
  5. שגיא מור

    מרגש כל כך…. 01:49

  6. Swarna Saha

    I love animals

  7. Janet Taylor

    I had to give my pet shih tzu to a sweet lady after moving into an apartment where animals were not allowed. I worked managing a bakers shop about quarter of a mile from the ladies home. One day, after more than a year, Meme ran into the shop where I worked & straight to me going crazy. I was shocked & overwhelmed but broken hearted to have to take him back to his second home. He'd managed to get out of the open door & come straight to me. After that I took him out for regular walks & visits. It's very sad that they become so attached & cry when you leave them.

  8. Anelia Ioane-vaelei

    how would i make friends with a lion if i wanted to ?
    please tell me i really want o know insta @lcscoolk


    Love has no language,race,religion etc

  10. Itzdat Managgen

    Nice stories but completely spoiled as a result of you speaking far too fast and swallowing half your words. You're just mumbling boy, spit it out! I mean have you never heard of bloody diction? See me after class!

  11. Time Shifter

    My dog was help me to recover from long (10 years) depression! He is past away, but I'm full of life and I will love this dog whole my life!

  12. drke datu

    A nibble from them and a cracking bones for u..

  13. Edward Stack Sr

    This amazing. Animals show love when they are loved.

  14. sierra humphreys

    I lost my dog 3years ago 3 later I was on the shitter and I fawnd him dead in my tub

  15. Denny Law

    So great….so wonderful. I love it. I just love these kind's of clips that show some love in the world and not all violence..

  16. greninja 1207

    Aren't those lions female?

  17. Spiritdove

    we should all greet each other every day this way…lol

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