Life After Death: Extinct Animals Immortalized With Taxidermy | National Geographic

The American Museum of Natural History’s Michael Novacek discusses how taxidermy serves as both a record and memorial of the world’s threatened and extinct species.
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Read more about taxidermy and its role in preservation and conservation:
Michael Novacek talks about taxidermy and conservation:

ADDITIONAL VIDEO: Hans Weise, Robert Clark, Getty Images, Library of Congress, American Museum of Natural History, Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office

Life After Death: Extinct Animals Immortalized With Taxidermy | National Geographic

National Geographic

19 Responses to Life After Death: Extinct Animals Immortalized With Taxidermy | National Geographic

  1. Kitsune Chan

    I hate taxidermy ><

  2. Franklin

    Extinction is sad, why would people kill for fun, really!!!

  3. Lucy_ 112

    This is so sad why people are
    so greedy

  4. ROBIN

    i always cry watching videos like this

  5. Amaan Kudroli

    Thats literally the museum shot in night at the museum

  6. Kirt Kirt

    "tasmanian wolf" wtf, it's a tasmanian TIGER (but it's not a cat, it's a marsupial like an opossum or kangaroo)

  7. evolkuf hellafornia

    What if the museum killed him cuz they needed a new reason to promote

  8. Wooly Mammoth 234

    Wait are all these extinct animals were in just 1800 and 1900. Waow things have changed

    U know wut nehhhhhhh

  9. sanat kalia

    It's like shame to our spices that we build everything we can imagine but we just can't able to protect these beauties of nature.

  10. julio conrado marin ardila

    Nuestra naturaleza la estamos acabando poco a poco y terminando con las especies animales

  11. k searcher

    Humans are Dum

  12. Carlos Gonzalez

    Tiger is my favorite animal ever

  13. Taib Idzomuddin Mohamed

    Human never learn from their mistakes.

  14. SonofRiggnarok

    I still remember when Lonesome George died. 🙁

  15. Wild son of War

    More scary than idols

  16. R.Javier Yepes De V.

    I've met personally lonesome George! R.I.P

  17. Michael Beh

    I feel sad while watching this. : (

  18. Finnish Gentleman

    What I think is that humans are the wost thing that has ever happend to other species or eco systems. We have to change direction of acts we do or we will be in those glass vitrines too.

  19. Not Pulverman

    If humans didn't exist, something else would take our place as top predator.

    So you self-hating tools can calm down with your "human-free earth" fantasies.

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