Learn To Taxidermy | SciShow Talk Show

Olivia Gordon shows Hank how to taxidermy a squirrel and Zoe the Red Lored Amazon parrot shows off with the help of Jessi from Animal Wonders.

Hosted by: Hank Green

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20 Responses to Learn To Taxidermy | SciShow Talk Show

  1. teitake

    I like how Olivia dresses on the talk show much better. And I know now how much effort she puts into making that persona when doing the regular SciShow. But then, I'm also amazed how "natural" Hank is.

  2. MrG0TH1ER

    Didn't think I could like Olivia more than I already did.
    I was wrong.

  3. Adaginy

    From my experience with bird taxidermy — Some bird species, cold weather birds in particular, are made entirely out of feathers. There's no bird inside at all. Which is another reason bird taxidermy is difficult.

  4. Molly Dugan


  5. elisa Tigon

    Am I foreseeing an Episode of Olivia and Emily in the Brainscoop? 🙂

  6. Manfred Höffken

    The only thing that makes me squeamish is Hanks shirt :-O

  7. John Erickson

    We've got flocks of those parrots in my home town.

  8. David Cho

    I really like this side of Olivia.

  9. TheyCallMeNewb

    This episode of SciShow talk show isn't coming up in my video recommendations. Something odd maybe going on, Scishow team.

  10. electronicsNmore

    Highly interesting, but a little morbid the first half. Should have worn black.

  11. Olan Kenny

    The interaction between Zoe and Lori is great. Lori clearly has a lot of love for Zoe and it's wonderful.

  12. Phil Todd

    taxidermy is true art, thank you for showcasing it. well done Olivia.

  13. Nancy Mencke

    G O

  14. PinkChucky15

    I thought I would find the taxidermy part creepy but it was really interesting 😀

  15. Ryan West


  16. lazyperfectionist1

    Oh my gosh! That bird is adorable!
    I once had a coworker who told me about a fellow he once knew he had a parrot who knew words in Spanish.

  17. lazyperfectionist1

    I never would've pegged Olivia for a taxidermist.

  18. Michael Gibb

    So in this episode we go from a squirrel that is bereft of life. That rests in peace. That's pushing up the daisies. You have an ex-squirrel. And then you have a very alive parrot. I guess there's no returning that one for a slug. 😉

  19. Slagon Drayer

    Hank's. Shirt. Is. FABULOUS!

    Has to be loud to counter Morticia other there. haha

  20. PB Babe

    Olivia: "made it from, the printer."
    Hank: ~head in hands~ "it's beautiful."

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