Introduction to Parrot Ownership Introduction to Parrot Ownership. 7 Things you should know before purchasing a parrot. A brief overview of the nature of a pet parrot. The reason why you should never buy your pet parrot on impulse. Why the social nature of parrots makes them a great lifetime companion.

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Guide to a well-behaved parrot – Google Books Resultby Mattie Sue Athan – 1999 – Pets – 144 pages
The Bird Who Spends the Day Alone One of the ironic elements of companion parrot ownership is that often when persons can finally afford that special large ……

Parrot Training Tips To Fix Your Pet Parrots Problems | Birdtricks.comTraining Parrots to stop biting, screaming, and feather plucking. Plus hundreds of parrot training tips and tricks.
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  1. TheAverageGamer56

    At pet smart they sell conures for 555 dollers 🙁

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