**Introducing Pure Freeze Dried Cat Food!**

“Pure Pet Food’s complete feline recipes include “Surf & Turf” & “Whisker Lickin’ Chicken”; which both contain 85% meat and fish, mixed with other wholesome and nutritious ingredients such as egg, carrot, spinach, salmon & coconut oil, with absolutely no added preservatives or any nasty ingredients such as cereal or animal derivatives.
To serve owners simply add water before allowing 1-2 minutes for the natural freeze-dried ingredients to rehydrate.”
The new recipes are ideal for –
*Fussy Cats
*Sensitive Skin
*Sensitive Digestion
*Active Cats
*Raw Feeders
*Wheat, Grain & Gluten Allergies

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One Response to **Introducing Pure Freeze Dried Cat Food!**

  1. Dee Edwards

    Been waiting for this! Can’t wait to transition my kits away from wet food and kibble. Will let you know how they get on.
    One of my kits loves liking the dog version off the spoon!

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